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Drink questions

We are doing an Italian dinner for our reception. We were planning on doing red and white wine and beer for the drinks, but I’ve had several people tell me that I shouldn’t do beer with Italian, just wine. What do you all think? It’d be cheaper to just do wine, which is always good, but I want to have things people want to drink.


Also, our venue only serves coffee, tea, and water with dinner. Should I have soda at the bar for people? If so, what kinds?


Finally, for the champagne toast, should I also offer a sparkling juice option of the non-drinkers/kids? I don’t know if that’s necessary. 

Re: Drink questions

  • It depends on your guests.  There is nothing wrong with just offering the wine.  But  in my family has a lot of drinkers who enjoy beer but refuse to touch wine.  If I offered just wine I would probably have a lot leftover.   . The same for the sodas.  I live in the south, so most guest enjoy sweet tea and are fine with a choice of tea or water.  However your friends and family may have different tastes.  If you aren't sure try to ask some family members, especially if there is someone who usually host bigs Holiday dinners and family functions.  They would probably have a good idea of what will go over well and what wont. 
    Having the sparkling juice is a nice touch for the toast.  I worked for a catering company and we usually provided 3 bottles for a wedding of 100-150 guests and it was more then enough to serve the non drinkers.  Its something inexpensive and easy that people appreciate. 
    Also something to think about with a toast- the catering company poured a half glass to 3/4 full glass of champagne for the toast, and then offered refills to guests who wanted it.  A lot of people don't care for champagne and will take a sip or two and set it down.  Most weddings we probably poured 60-75% of the glasses of champagne back down the sink because guests toasted with them and then set them aside and went back to their wine, tea, cocktail etc.  Pouring a slightly smaller glass to start with means you use fewer bottles and save some money. 
  • If your venue doesn't serve soda with dinner, make sure it is available (free) at the bar. 

    Have some sort of cola and diet, and a clear soda like Sprite or 7Up too.

    Not everyone likes wine (like my FI.  He'll drink beer but won't drink wine)

    If everyone is toasting, make sure those that don't drink (non-drinkers or those underage) also have something to toast with.
  • Keep the beer.  Beer goes with just about anything.  Whoever told you that is ridiculous.  Not everyone likes wine and not everyone likes beer but having both will make everyone happy.

    I would provide a non-alcoholic sparkling cider for the kids to toast with.  Depending on their age they will probably feel special and grown up with an "adult" looking beverage to drink.

  • keep the beer.  The more options the better.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • I would keep the beer.  I know some of my guests, even myself and the groom, are not wine drinkers.  If all you offered was wine I would drink soda or water.  Also, I am marrying into an Italian family and they drink beer with every meal, I only see them drink wine for holiday celebrations.
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  • I think you definitely need to offer beer - otherwise what are the groomsmen going to drink?? LOL  I don't think nonalcoholic is necessary, they can toast with whatever they're drinking and yes, I think pop should be an option.  Most venues include all the pops they have available at a flat rate of like $1.00 or $1.50/ea.
  • Keep the beer, but dont bother with the sparkling juice.
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