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Non alcoholic drink options

Our wedding reception will not be catered by a "company." We'll have a meat, fruit, vegetable, cheese tray, etc. idea going on. What about drinks? Should we have tubs filled with ice for canned drinks? I was thinking of having punch to go with a slice of cake, but in my opinion, punch is to sweet to serve as the only beverage. Any thoughts?

Re: Non alcoholic drink options

  • I think as long as you have tea and water, punch will be fine. I don't drink cokes, so I never miss them when they're not there.
    I have gone to plenty of parties where all they have is tea and water.
  • I would have soda for sure.  Punch or lemonade, or iced tea would be other good non-alcoholic options.  If your reception is going late you might also want to make sure coffee will be available.
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  • I'm going the same route. Because we won't be having alcohol, I'm going to be using an apple cider for toasts. Then I will have bottles of water and a few different varieties of soda as well.

    It's your wedding, if you want punch, do punch! Just make sure you also have water for the guests as well. 

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  • I think iced tea, lemonade, punch and coffee is a nice touch. Even fancying up your coffee are would be nice. For example, setting up flavored syrups/creamers, etc.
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