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Food and Cakes

Cake vs cupcakes

Any one have opinions on having a traditional wedding cake or a cupcake tower?

Re: Cake vs cupcakes

  • I prefer wedding cake to cupcakes because it tends to be moister in the middle than cupcakes which have more "edge."   That could just be coincidence at the weddings I've attended though.
  • I vote cupcakes as that's what we had at our wedding.  They were delicious.  
  • I think both are fine, I just prefer cake, as a guest and a bride. It's more traditional.
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    I prefer cupcakes over cake at any event, not just a wedding.

    If you do decide to go the cupcake route make sure that you or your venue provides small dessert dishes and forks so that your guests do not have to eat the cupcakes with their hands.

  • I prefer traditional (good) wedding cake at a wedding but if you serve me cupcakes with a plate and fork I'm still a pretty happy camper.
  • I am doing cupcakes. If you have someone baking them that knows what they are doing they should taste great. I also didn't want to have to deal with someone cutting slices of cake and trying to make sure they cut the right size slices and everything. I will be having a small cake on top for us to cut.
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  • I prefer the traditional wedding cake since I'm not a fan of cupcakes at weddings they remind me of a little kid's birthday party. Plus, I don't like being all dressed up and at a formal occasion and eating something messy with my hands.
  • At a wedding, I prefer cake over cupcakes for the moisture factor previously mentioned and because of the wrappers (getting them off, which requires handling the cakes--see PP on sticky and crumbs -- and then the empty wrappers just aren't the greatest look on the table for the rest of the night).  That said, though, I am a "cake" person, so I would happily eat either one, just prefer a slice in a formal setting.

    I'm going with cake because I'm pretty traditional in that regard, and because of the option to mix fillings with cake flavors (like three layers hazelnut cake with raspberry preserves and chocolate ganache as the fillings).  The advantage to cupcakes would be the ability to have multiple flavors of cake/frosting without having to devote an entire tier ...
  • We had both! Both were red velvet with vanilla buttercream but the cake was vegan (for me!) and the cupcakes were not. Guests got a small taste of our vegan cake and a cupcake for their dessert, so served with a fork.
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  • Cake. I wouldnt want to deal with the crumbs and mess at a wedding. You have a little more choices on flavors with a cake. I feel like Im a kids bday party with cupcakes
  • We're doing a cupcake tower with a pumpkin cheesecake on top for us to cut. Ive always loved cupcakes and I love the towers Ive seen from other weddings. My friend is a baker, so shes doing the cupcakes for us, and we're having pumpkin spice, chocolate, and vanilla, so theres something for everyone. I wanted something special for us though, and cutting a cupcake just doesnt work, so thats why we're going with the cheesecake. I get that crumbs can get messy, but thats what a fork is for! :)
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  • A friend of mine went with a small cake and did cocktail cupcakes that were passed white glove. It was awesOme. Many flavors of small bite size cupcakes and you didn't have to sit around or get messy. Plus... Maybe the best thing I've ever eaten. She used bad Kat kupkakes for the passed treats, not sure on the cake....good luck
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