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Has anyone used or heard about  I'm considering renting a styrafoam cake from them and then getting sheet cake.  But before I decide to do it, I wanted to see if anyone could give me their thoughts?


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    Back when this was the "cake" forum we priced it out and by the time you add up the costs associated with the rental, delivery, deposits, etc. and the additional cost to purchase slices of cake and convincing a baker to put the "photo slice" into the rental, it actually came out that you'd end up tie'n close to $1200 up, which is sort of silly to spend that much money on a fake cake rental and then you still have to cough up the cha-ching for the cost of the real cake. 

    If you keep your design reasonable for your baker, and you can certainly have cake at your wedding within your budget or a dessert buffet of cakes from Sam's even (purchase the cakes and put them on boxes covered by fabric of various heights so it looks like a floating stand).  Doing the cake fake vs. doing it real ultimately ends up costing the same in the end, so why not just do it real in the first place so you don't look at your pictures and remember first the cake was completely fake from top to bottom before you look at the cutting photo of the two of you.  Just go real and negotiate with your baker to design something that is what you want without breaking the bank.
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