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Cocktail hour menu...

I am wondering if I have enough variety for my cocktail hour and if not what should I add????

We are going to have a Shrimp cocktail spread and a mashed patatoe bar with both white and sweet patatoes. At the mashed patatoe bar guests will be able to choose from a variety of toppings.  We have a guest list of 140. ...  

What should I add? I feel like thats a little slim...  I was thinking a grape and cheese platter to go with the wine????   My FI says a meat? I dont want to do a pasta, because we have 2 different patatoes and also 2 different rices at dinner.   
Suggestions please. 

Re: Cocktail hour menu...

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    I'd love to hear your dinner menu. It would help a great deal in giving suggestions that are more diverse. =) 

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    Lemon Pepper Roasted Chicken
    Cedar Plank Salmon
    Carved Beef (Cut TBD)

    Sauteed Green Beans
    Julienne Melody of Carrots/Brocolinni/Zucchini

    Wild Rice and Dirty Rice

    Dinner Rolls and Butter

    I was thinking of crudities shooters and I just saw these bree cheese and strawberry and grapes on crackers that look amazing... 
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    I think some cheese is definitely missing from the mix!  Brie is great.  If it comes with fruit and veggies---even better.  Maybe you could also do some other "starchy" things to offset the meats at dinner like mini pizzas or mini flatbreads, spanikopita, mini quesadillas, etc. 

    (Your food sounds great, btw, but I do suggest you get a vegetarian option--even if you just have the caterer make a couple plates and have them delivered to anyone who doesn't eat meat)> 
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    Thank you.
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    I think a third option would be nice... and a cheese platter makes most people pretty happy. 
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    I'm not sure I undersand the mashed potato bar as an appetizer.  Seems like it would go better with the entrees, and scrap the rice thing.  I think mashed potatoes would be hard to eat standing around with a cocktail in the other hand.  I'd make a mess.
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