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how much should you pay for shots of milk?

i want to do milk and cookies has part of my dessert station and was wondering if anyone ever did shots of milk how much the hall charged you? becuase i think mine is asking to muc

Re: how much should you pay for shots of milk?

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    Shots of milk?  I have never heard of that.  What price are they quoting you?  Would an 8 oz glass of milk be less per person?

    However, I think the average price for a gallon of milk is $3.50 - $4.00, give or take depending on the area.  That is 4 quarts, which is alot of shots.  Will they let you purchase milk and bring it in to be served?  Or can you have a "cold pot" for self-serving milk?

    One thing about milk:  it needs to be kept cold, or else it will harbor bacteria growth, unlike other beverages traditionally served at a wedding. 
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    We are having shots of milk with cookies sitting on top of the shot glass on our dessert buffet.  I saw a photo of it in a magazine and really liked the idea.  Dessert is included in our package, so I couldn't tell you how much they would charge for the milk shots.  

    Wedding stuff is all so marked up, I might guess they might charge similar to what it would be for coffee and tea.  They may view the milk and cookies as replacing a dessert that would otherwise cost you more, so they're charging you the cost of the fancier dessert (a slice of cake, an individual tart, etc.).  Just a guess.  
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    well they want to charge $2 a person which I thought was crazy because to upgraded to some vodkas and gin are cheaper plus we  are making are own cookies, its going to be a cookie buffet but i'm not doing the milk unless they go down on the price, i really want it but not for that price even know its a wedding and everything is marked up that is just crazy
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    Ok, but if you are making your own cookies, that to mean says they would charge you more for milk, because they won't be making money off selling their cookies.  See what I mean? 

    How much would a glass of milk in a restaurant be in your area? 
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