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What would you eat?

I am having my wedding at a very nice equestrian event facility(but with the farm/rustic theme feel still). I am at a complete stand still at what my menu should be though. Any ideas? I am very open... Wedding is outside overlooking the pastures(evening)... reception is in an indoor location with hightop tables outside for drinks before reception. Again my theme is rustic farm setting. Love ideas. Thanks yall Smile

**... We are thinking Buffet style... and as far as budget there really is not one... just not toooo like overly outrageous in cost... There will be about 150 guests attending. And again as far as the FOOD me and my fiance love all types of foods so we are not very picky thats why I was curious if any of yall had any ideas on types of foods..**
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Re: What would you eat?

  • Can you help us make suggestions by pointing us in a direction?

    Are you doing buffet? Plated dinner? Stations? What's your food budget? How many guests are there?  And most importantly, what kind of food do you and your future H enjoy? 
  • Find a caterer based on recommendations and references. Then ask the caterer what their specialty is and what will be in season at your wedding. Serve that.

    If there's a particular wine you want to serve, ask the caterer to create a menu around it.
  • I am not sure what a rustic farm theme entails.

    Picnic food is one option.  Fried Chicken, Potato salad, slices of fresh watermelon
    Barbecue is another option with Ribs, Honey Roasted Corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, classic green salad

    If you want something a little more elegant, then head towards the farm to table movement that many upscale restaurants are going to.  This involves using seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers.  This movement is based on the theory that restaurants and caterers who choose to buy from local food producers regularly yield healthier, better quality meals for their customers.  I would guess fresh peaches and pralines for dessert but I am not sure what else would be local to Georgia.  Seasonal ingredient will be different at different times of the year.
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