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Gluten Free Wedding Cake in St. Louis?

Hi all!
I'm just barely beginning to think about planning things, but since this is a tricky area I'm trying to get a head start.  I have Celiac's disease and a gluten free cake is a necessity for me, but I'm having trouble finding reputable bakers who make both tasty AND pretty gluten free cakes.  Any tips and/or names of vendors would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Gluten Free Wedding Cake in St. Louis?

  • Google "Gluten free bakeries St. Louis"

    There's also no harm in simply asking the gluten free bakeries you've found that do not do wedding cakes if they know of one locally who does.

    Could you consider cupcakes, too? Have some gluten free ones in your favorite flavor and then have regular cupcakes for guests.
  • Do you have whole foods or upscale health food stores? Also try your local board.
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