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No Cake Topper?

We can't find a topper we all. Would it look odd to not have anything on top?Would anyone really even notice? We're doing a simple, classic, three-tiered round cake with colored ribbon around the bottom of each tier. Thanks!

Re: No Cake Topper?

  • No cake topper for us!  Our florist just added some flowers to the top of our "cake" (we had a cupcake tower with a small cake to cut on top) and then scattered other flowers around the cupcake tower.

    You can do the same thing with your cake if you wanted to add a bit more color.  But you can certainly just leave it the way it is.  I doubt anyone will comment on the fact that you didn't have a topper.  IMO, I hate toppers, most times they are just so cheesy.

  • You could do something like this, minus the birds.
  • I am just doing a few flowers around the base. I wanted it to be simple and plain.
  • What about a monogram... like the letter of his last name...
  • We are using two cupcakes decorated as Wedding Minnie and Mickey hats for our topper. We are very much cupcake and Disney people, so it's perfect for us. Plus we get to eat them.
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  • I was going to suggest flowers but it looks like everyone else covered that, by chance have you taken a look around Etsy?  I'm ordering a customizeable cake topper from a seller named "mudcards"
  • We didn't have a topper. I just think most of them look cheesy. Why take away from the cake?
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    I'm not a fan of cake toppers, not having one is perfectly acceptable.
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  • We are having a lace cake, no topper. Tree stump cake stand will spice it up a little around the bottom, and maybe some flowers on the table... no need for a topper, most of them unless done right look like an afterthought...
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