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If you were a guest at a wedding with cupcakes for dessert (instead of cake) and the cupcakes were a normal size and there were 4 different flavors to choose from, how many cupcakes would you take and eat?  I'm also interested to hear how your fiance answers the question too!
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Re: Cupcake count

  • Well even though I love cupcakes I would probably only eat one or even none because honestly by the time it comes to eating dessert I am either too full from dinner or too busy dancing to bother.  My H would probably eat two.

    But for someone who had cupcakes at their wedding, my baker suggested that I buy 130 cupcakes for my 130 guests for a few reasons.  1) since they are freshly made and not out of a box the cupcakes are richer and have a bit more substance then box mix and 2) not everyone will eat a cupcake while some may eat two.  We went with her suggestion since she was the expert and it worked out perfectly.  We actually had a few leftover at the end of the night that guests who wanted them took them home.

  • I would probably share one with my sister. My FI might eat two, but he wouldn't go for a second unless there were plenty of extras. I think for normal-size cupcakes, you should plan one for each person. But if you order extras, cupcakes are much easier to send home with people than slices of cake. 
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    We had 120 cupcakes for 100 people, because I was worried that a lot of people would eat two.  There were also desserts in the buffet, though, so that covered us.  We wound up with at least 24 leftover cupcakes (not a big deal, we took them home and had them the next day at the gift opening).  Personally, I'd rather know that there are extras rather than have some people not get one.  I say order one per person at least.  If you can afford it, order an extra dozen or two just in case.
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  • We are getting 120 cupcakes in 4 different flavors 2 to 3 dozen for each flavor for 120 guests, plus a six inch top tier to cut and eat at the wedding. We had 7 cupcake flavors, but our cakery suggested narrowing it down since some people may want to try more than one flavor. We know a few guests who won't eat cake, so we were going to also do cookies, but we decided against that idea. We love cupcakes, so we are sticking to what we love.
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  • We are doing cupcakes too. We have not started to figure out the amounts yet but thanks to this post I was invisioning making a lot more than it seems necessary. thanks for this post!
  • We are planning on doing cupcakes too. We are thinking 3 or 6 flavors we are doing rainbow colors, so I wanted a different flavor for each color. One thing I am considering is getting 150 cupcakes for 150 guests, and then the same number of mini cupcakes, which is cheaper. This allows guests to have 2 flavors without breaking the bank. At least this is our plan right now.

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