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We are having a destination wedding for 200 people.  We are supportng the local businesses by using all Michigan product, vendors, etc.  Since Michigan has local beer, wine and vodka that is what we willl be serving at the reception.  The reception will be 6.5 hours.  The caterer is telling us that we only need 3 cases of wine and two pony kegs.  I had an extensive conversation with with her about why and her experience.  I gut feeling is not buying her reasoning- mostly because all the drink calculators I can find tell me we need quite a bit more.  (Around 11 cases of wine and 6 pony kegs)  What is everyone else's experience?  I suppose the added speciality drink with vodka might bring these numbers down a bit but the difference is still quite staggering.  Please advise.  

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    I should add the reason why I indicated that we are using michigan products is that the carerer does not stock these items so we would have to order them ahead of time per case through them.  We always have the option of have their products on hand as back up in case we run low.  Obviosuly they are not from Michigan.  The wines are from california  and the beer is more the marco brews.
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    Will the place you are ordering wine from take back unopened cases? If so I would just order on the high side and send back any unopened stuff.

    The kegs are a different story. I generally think that employees are higher end/larger liquor stores give better estimates on numbers. I would consult them.

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    They will not accept any unopened bottles or cases back.  I do appreciate your suggestion abotu talking to a high end liqueur store.  Thank you.
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