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Requesting Quotes in Writing

Hey everyone,

I have the challenge of planning a wedding, long distance. My fiancee and I are both in the military: He is stationed in FL and I am in WA but our wedding is in GA. We are lucky that we both have family in GA that can help us with the footwork of the process, but I need to request quotes from caters that I may not be able to meet face to face with until I can at least narrow the decision down to 2 or 3 good companies.

I need help writing a formal letter requesting a quote... what should I write?

Re: Requesting Quotes in Writing

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    I would just explain that you and your FI are in the military and would like a quote for a _______ (insert type of dinner: plated, buffet) and 2-3 appetizers (if you're doing a cocktail hour) for X amount of guests.  Also give your wedding date.  Also, if any of your guests have dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian or gluten free, if they are able to accomidate those requests. 

    ETA:  You should also ask if they offer military discounts! 
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    Most caterers should have a standard packet of information that includes the menu options they offer and the prices per person.  Sometimes the packets can be pretty lengthy because of all the variety. 

    I'd send an email saying something like 

    "Dear _______, 

    My name is _______ and I am planning a wedding to tentatively take place on (estimated date).  I am planning the wedding from out of town and I was hoping you could send me your standard menu and pricing information for me to consider. 

    My email is ____.  I look forward to hearing from you. 


    Your Name

    Then once they send you the pricing and menu information it's up to you and your FI to look over the menus and narrow it down and then follow up by asking for a quote based on the number of guests, the items you want to serve, and all applicable service charges, tax, and gratuity. 

    Be aware that often times the caterer will specify that menu prices are subject to change. 

    Hope this helps.
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