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Backyard Weddings/Catering

Will caterers service backyard weddings? I've been looking at a few site and they give a list of all these venues they service. I understand that they would advertise the more popular vendors of the area, but is a backyard wedding something that may vary vendor to vendor. I know the question is kind of vague but any insight would be awesome :)

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Re: Backyard Weddings/Catering

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    I've been to a backyard wedding with a catered buffet set up once, so I know that's possible.  I think the couple hired a few of their siblings friends (17yrs old-ish?) to clear tables and stuff.

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    Some caterers might require having certain cooking facilities available, but I think the majority will be willing to work with you.  My mom has had events catered at her home multiple times.  She's gotten trays of food from a restaurant before where they just dropped food off in tinfoil trays with plastic serving utensils.  She's also had a caterer provide the food, and that time, an employee of the caterer stayed at the house, set everything up, and made sure the food wasn't running low. 

    Post on your local board (to the left) if you need caterer recommendations.  Good luck!

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    That should be no problem at all. The whole point of catering is to come to you.  As PP said, there is the just drop off in tin foil option (which you could make work with sterno lights and hiring a couple teenagers/college kids to attend to things) that restaurants do and then there are absolutely full service caterers that come to private homes. =)  Local boards can be more specific, but this shouldn't be hard to find. 
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    I am having a backyard wedding and we are having a pretty unique catered meal.  They are bringing in all necessary cooking equipment, etc, and are doing it in the garage.  Call around.  You will be able to find a caterer who has done it many times before.
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    Awesome!! Thanks guys :)
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    When calling caterers, just tell them you are having a backyard wedding and ask what their needs are in terms of delivery, set up, water, and electricity. If possible, ask for a site check so they can evaluate your backyard and determine what problems they foresee.

    Our caterer brought everything in in chafing dishes, though he had discussed bringing his catering grill and would have if food quality might have been compromised. We discussed all the services they could provide - they set up the buffet tables, cleared plates/glasses, cut the cake, and rinsed and restacked the dishes for the party rental company. They only thing they didn't touch was the alcohol, and that was because we did self serve. What the caterer is willing to do depends on what you're willing to pay.
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