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Deciding on two entrees


We are trying to decide on what entrees to serve at our wedding. We can choose two different ones. We will be having a tasting but would like to get it narrowed down beforehand.

We definitely want a chicken, and there are two kinds to choose from. One is a grilled chicken breast with a garlic apple cider reduction, and the other is a sauteed chicken breast with lemon rosemary cream sauce.

Our other option is either pork, tilapia, or eggplant. We won't have any vegetarians, so we are thinking of cutting out eggplant. That leaves pork or tilapia. Which would be better to serve, pork or tilapia?? Which would you prefer as a guest??

The pork is an herb roasted pork loin with crispy fried onions over whole grain mustard demi glace and the tilapia is pretzel encrusted with Dijon thyme cream sauce.

Re: Deciding on two entrees

  • If you have 18 months until your wedding, you don't know that you won't have any vegetarians. Someone could change their dietary preferences before then, or start dating a vegetarian. I've been the "date" to many-a-wedding where I didn't know the couple or didn't know them well enough for them to be aware I was a vegetarian.

    That said, most venues will prepare a vegetarian plate upon request, so you can actually have the choices be two meat dishes and just tell people to let you know if they need a vegetarian option.

    I think tillapia is a safer choice than pork. Many people don't eat pork. Tillapia is a mild fish. It depends on the preparation, though.

    I think the lemon rosemary cream sauce sounds like a safer, but still delicious, choice for the chicken. But some people can't/won't eat dairy, so make sure the other option doesn't have a creamy sauce. With tillapia, I would doubt it.
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    Yeah, it is a bit early in your planning to decide what you are going to serve to eat.  H and I didn't do our tasting until 3-4 months before.  We did have to kind of pick things out early on just to get an estimated price of everything but a definite decision wasn't needed until way later.

    If you have to pick now, my choices would be the chicken in the lemon/rosemary cream sauce and the pork.  But I love pork and hate fish so that is why I picked the two I did.

  • I understand it's early but with our venue, we have to use their caterer, and this stuff needs to be set in the contract. So we are figuring it out now so we can finalize our contract and officially book the place. On top of that, I am planning this wedding from a different state and the only time I will be home to do the tasting is over Christmas break which is next week. So I kind of need to decide sooner rather than later.
  • I'd do the cream sauce chicken and the tilapia. There are people who don't like pork, people who don't eat meat, but a fish, with a nice preparation, is a good alternative.
  • Personally I hate talapia, I think it tastes like dirt. I also know lots of people who don't eat pork. If this were my venue, I'd do the chicken and eggplant. 
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  • I'd do the lemon chicken and the eggplant.
  • I'd prefer the rosemary chicken and the pork. 
  • Rosemary chicken and the pork. 

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