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alternative places for cake topper

I wasn't planning on having a cake topper and designed a cake with our baker using flowers on the top instead. About a week later, I received a cake topper as a gift from my future MIL. It is beautiful and I don't want to offend her by not using it, but I love the original idea of the flowers. I had this vision in my mind since we initially got engaged and I'm almost ready to just give it up and change it to using the cake topper, but wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas for any other ways to incorporate the cake topper into our wedding but while still keeping the flowers on top?

Re: alternative places for cake topper

  • How big is the cake topper?  Is it small enough to place it on the edge of one of the tiers instead (would work for something flat, like the monogrammed letters)?

    Can you purchase another small (6") cake and put it there?

    Can you reduce the number of flowers on top and place the topper in the middle of the flowers?

    Can the topper work just as decoration on the cake table?  Maybe next to the cake?  Or maybe as part of a centerpiece at the head table?

    Just some ideas if you really want to use the topper.  Though I think if you have your mind set on the flowers, I'd still go with that.
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  • Depending on it's size, I might just put it on the cake table, not on top of the cake. It's hard when people mess with your vision by giving un-wanted gifts.

    I also agree it might be ok to have a very small cake (6-9" across), maybe in a different color or flavor than your main cake, you can cut that cake too, and everybody is happy.
  • I was going to say just sitting on the table, but I like Sue's idea of getting a separate small cake to put it on. Of course, I always err in the side of extra cake!
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  • My cosin had her cake topper at the bottom of the cake, the baker make the cake board  stick out in on spot and stuck it down there with frosting. it was really pretty.
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