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Cupcake Tower: Serving Questions

For those brides choosing to do a cascading cupcake tower with a small cake on top to cut...I have some questions:

Did your guests just come up and serve themselves to a cupcake or did you use staff to hand out cupcakes?

Did you do one cupcake per guest?

With the smaller cake on top for you and your husband to cut, did you two just eat it or did you also have that cake with parents? How did you make that work? Or did your parents / in laws eat the cupcakes along with the rest of the guests?

Re: Cupcake Tower: Serving Questions

  • H and I had a cupcake tower...

    1)  Guests just helped themselves (we had 5 flavors to choose from)

    2)  My baker suggested having enough cupcakes for each guest (130 guests=130 cupcakes).  She suggested this because not everyone will eat a cupcake while some may eat 2.  At the end of the night we had about 10 cupcakes left.

    3)  My H and I cut the top of the cake, fed each other a piece and then went on our merry way.  I don't think anyone touched the top tier again until we got home the next day and had it for dessert.  My parents and his parents ate a cupcake if they ate any at all.

  • DH and I had a cupcake tower without the small cake.  (We "cut" a cupcake instead.)  For 130 guests, I think we had 12 dozen cupcakes (144).  My dad, who does wedding cakes, did our cupcakes and wanted to have extras (and apparently was baking in batches of 24).  I think we had about a dozen left at the end of the night, but we brought those to brunch the next day.  Guests just helped themselves after we split our cupcakes.    

  • THe bakery we are using suggests 1.5 cupcakes per person ... does anyone else think that seems like a lot? I don't mind getting them, I just don't want to have dozens left over! (We are doing several flavors, so I can see some people having more than one or maybe even spliting with a spouse, child or friend but we also thought some folks won't even have one.) Thoughts?
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