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Cake Flavors

Hi, my fiance and I are meeting with a potential caterer and cake baker next month (both from the same place since they will charge a cutting fee if the cake is purchased from an outside source).  While talking with the catering director she had mentioned that their pastry chef does all sorts of cake flavors and could probably do whatever we wanted but we aren't quite sure what kinds we want.  The pastry chef is supposed to email me with pictures and flavors of cakes she has done but she is on vacation right now so I'm curious as to what flavors other brides have had or are having at their wedding?  I'm just trying to get some ideas flowing for when we meet with her!  Thanks!!

Re: Cake Flavors

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    To me, wedding cake is White Almond.  Personally, I'd skip any flavor that you can get on a bakery shelf any day of the week; make it special.

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    [QUOTE]To me, wedding cake is White Almond.  Personally, I'd skip any flavor that you can get on a bakery shelf any day of the week; make it special.
    Posted by GoodLuckBear14[/QUOTE]

    <div>Amen!  We are doing cupcakes with exotic flavors like Peach Belini and Margarita for exactly this reason.  </div>
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  • amyb140amyb140 member
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    Mine was lemon cake with raspberry and lemon curd filling, white buttercream icing.  It was totally delicious.
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  • fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    The best wedding cake I ever had was champagne with strawberry filling.  I was very upset my baker didn't offer it.  My second favorite was my own and it was tres leches.
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    I had lemon cake with lemon filling and buter cream icing.  We were torn between that and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. 

    Any flavor is OK.  Enjoy the tasting and pick something delicious :)
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  • blush64blush64 member
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    I think you just have to go with what you love. Fancy and different can be nice but if you absolutely couldn't live without a certain flavour of cake than choose that one. Even if it's used many times. It matter more what you like than being different.

    My FI loves chocolate cake and he is having a tier of chocolate. IT's been used many times but that's what it is. He loves it more than anything else so why wouldn't we choose that?
  • MAMA41206MAMA41206 member
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    We are having pound cake with bavarian cream (FI's family is picky and they like this), chocolate cake with raspberry and chocolate buttercream (my favorite), and carrot cake (his favorite).

  • mrsmustard12mrsmustard12 member
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    We are having 2 layers of passionfruit and 2 layers of guava.  So delish!

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    We had red velvet.
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      We're having cupcakes, so we have a few flavors:
    Cassada cake (chiffon cake with cream cheese/Grand Marnier icing)
    Chocolate cassada (same as above w/ bittersweet chocolate cake)
    Lemon Chiffon
    Chocolate Raspberry
    Carrot Cake
    Chocolate Fudge
    Confetti cake with buttercream frosting
  • rascal17rascal17 member
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    Im making my own cake so I will be doing a different flavor combination for each tier. These are some of the options im thinking (favorite to least favorite):

    -Lemon cake with a raspberry and lemon curd filling (FI loves lemon and raspberry so this on is an absolute must)
    -Pineapple carrot cake with a creamcheese icing filling (my mom makes this all the time and my whole family including I love it)
    -Mojito cake (lime cake soaked with a rum simple syrup and mint buttercream)
    -Chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries filling
    -Vanilla cake with a blueberry filling (something simple for kid or picky eaters)

    Pumpernickel and olive juice
  • Kimberly0402Kimberly0402 member
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    Since our color is red, we are contemplating red velvet.
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  • MissTheFrog84MissTheFrog84 member
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    I am thinking about making my own.  I'm thinking of doing a lemon cake with my fluffy white frosting and a combination berry filling, blueberry and raspberry.  

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    we are having coconut with pineapple filling , red velvet with cream cheese filling , hazelnut chocolate with hazelnut chocolate mousse fiiling and the frosting will be almond buttercream.
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