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Wedding Food

Hello!! My fiance and I are having a wine themed wedding and are looking for food ideas! For cocktail hour we are doing antipasto type foods and cheeses and breads. We don't want the traditional chicken, fish, beef options. Our options are without limit because my fiance works for a restaurant and can order anything from his food distributor, that also gives us access to a kitchen and our ceremony space has a small kitchen that can be used as well. We will be having a buffet style dinner, our reception space is a wine bar and does not have the facilities for a plated dinner. Looking for any suggestions on anything that is a little different!! Thank you!
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Re: Wedding Food

  • How adventurous are your guests?

    Lamb and/or duck are probably your best options, but depending on your guests goat or rabbit could happen?
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    Yes, how adventurous are your guests?

    I am a super picky eater, and it was hard enough for me to find something "normal" on our caterer's list for my own wedding to eat. Most people are probably not as picky as I am, but just be aware that the more "out there" you go, the fewer people you may have like the food. So it might be wise to have at least one "standard" option. 
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  • Who is doing the cooking, and what can they make well?

  • I would still go with fish as one of the options.  You could do something a little different like a red snapper vs a cod/haddock.  
  • Chicken, fish, and beef are traditional because they are the most broadly appealing.
  • For wine you could do an Italian theme, but maybe that's a little pedestrian?

    Are you pairing wines? You could suggest an Argentinian red with a steak w/ chimichurri sauce, Italian wine with osso bucco, a French wine with duck or chicken or a fish dish.

    Maybe a sushi bar with a selection of saki?
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  • If I went to a wedding with sushi station where there was someone rolling it and a bottle of Japanese wine on the table I would be in heaven haha. If you do decide on a fish I like the idea of a Chilean sea bass. It's a very good fish with great texture and different from what I feel "wedding fish" is usually. Or monkfish, aka poor mans lobster. I like a pork tenderloin because it would stand up really well to a red wine sauce and would pair nicely with a variety of wines. My favorite thing to serve with it is roasted red potatoes and cauliflower seasoned with salt, pepper and a few ground herbs such as thyme and rosemary. Something like this would lend well to a family style meal. Or if you have the budget I think the ultimate thing would be to have stations that pair a regional food with a regional wine. I would do an Italian station with some pastas and an Italian wine paired with it, maybe a Spanish station with tapas and a good Spanish red. Same wIth an Asian station. Stations definitely cost more because you not only have more food costs but also more staff to tend to them, but if you have the budget I could see that being a huge hit. Best of luck!
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