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How early to do cake tastings? Menu?

Not sure if this has been asked before- didn't see it if it was- sorry!

How early do you recommend doing a cake tasting? We have no idea what kinds of cake flavors let along fillings to choose to try. My friend who makes wedding cakes and is going to make ours says to take our time and pick anything out we can think of and she can make it for us to try but I feel like that is so broad- where to even start? I asked her but she said just think of anything!

Also, on a related food topic, how early did all of you pick out your menu options? We just picked out our venue and the contract is being sent for us to look over, and this place is also really open about whatever we want them to make, they can make.

So I guess overall the question is, how early do you do tastings, cement flavors/fillings, and cement a menu? If it helps, our wedding is Oct. 5th 2013, so a little bit over a year away.
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Re: How early to do cake tastings? Menu?

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    For food for the reception we had to pick out food that we may want (to include apps and bar) so that they could send us a estimate for pricing, but nothing was set in stone until we did our tasting with them, which I believe we did in April (wedding was in July).  Of course we had already put a deposit down on the place to hold our spot.

    As for the cake, what type of cake do you and your FI like?  It is really "in" now to have crazy flavors and multiple flavors/tiers.  You can always have one crazy flavor for one tier and then more neutral flavors for the others (like chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, etc)

    Another idea for the cake would be to look at bakery websites to see what type of cake flavors, fillings and icings they offer.  This way you could figure out what you might want your friend to make for you to try.

    Oh, and I really wouldn't worry about picking out a definite flavor for your cake right now.  You have plenty of time and do not really have to pick anything until next summer.

  • Normally at a cake tasting, you get to sample many flavors and fillings.  What flavors does your friend normally make for brides?  If she is a home baker, maybe she could make cupcakes in all her different flavors so you can try them all.  FWIW, we had white, white with strawberry filling, chocolate with ganache filling, and tres leches. 

    The best wedding cake I ever had was champagne with strawberry filling.  I was very upset that my baker didn't offer it.

    We did our cake tasting early (probably 4-6 months) just because it was fun and something my DH could be involved in.  But you have plenty of time.

    I believe we did our tasting in August or September for our November wedding.  But we picked our package when we booked the venue in February.  It just wasn't finalized until the tasting.
  • I'd say you should do your cake tasting  in the next couple months so that you can put down a deposit and get "'on the book" for the bakery.  I'd do the same thing if you're booking an independent caterer that doesn't come with the venue.  Around here, you can't book the bakery or caterer until you've made a deposit and the popular ones book up really quickly.  I wouldn't deposit a penny for a bakery or caterer until I've tried their cake and food. 

    If your venue provides the catering, then I would put down a deposit without trying the food (and they often require a deposit before they'll do a tasting) as long as the food had a good reputation around town.  

    In both cases, you can nail down more specifics as the date gets closer.  Menu items and cake flavors can always be swapped out at the last minute.
  • Okay- thanks for the advice! We will have to look around and make a listo f cake flavors at some point for tasting. My friend does the cakes out of a bakery, and says that they can pretty much get any flavors so that's pretty exciting. I just wanted to make sure I did all of these things in time for the wedding but I guess I'm ahead of schedule! Thank you!
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  • I know many people are saying to wait until your a few months out - but I given some advice from our caterer.

    They said to do a tasting close to the same season your wedding will be in - a lot of food is seasonal or is in its best taste at a certain time of year - so having your date as similar as to what it will be on the big day may give you the best tasting. The same goes for florals.

    So perhaps considering doing one ~12 months out
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  • I have already been to a cake tasting and my wedding isn't until may. The best bakers around here book a year in advance
  • well, we're about 3 months (or so) away from our wedding and we're doing a tasting next Monday with or caterer.  We already did a tasting back in May? I think with another caterer we were considering.

    I did a mini tasting with my baker already.  He has the cake pic inspiration and we have discussed details.  I have to pay a deposit about a week before the wedding and we'll cement more details. 
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