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Pre-ceremony food for wedding party

Since we are on a very tight budget for our wedding, we're doing a light mix of finger foods and drinks at our reception and simply starting our ceremony a little later to allow for our guests to have eaten before they arrive. (This will be well stated on the invitations to be sure that people know that a meal will not be provided.) However, my fiance and myself as well as our bridesmaids, groomsmen, and parents will still have to eat before the ceremony, in between set-up/pre-wedding pictures and go-time. My fiance and I were thinking that we'd keep our meal fun and casual and simply order in pizza for everyone... we'll really only have about half an hour to eat, plus pizza can be eaten without utensils and is relatively un-messy. However, does anyone have any other suggestions? Is anyone else even thinking about doing something like this?
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Re: Pre-ceremony food for wedding party

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    The last wedding I was in, the brides dad ran out and got us sandwiches and salads from Panera. We had been there since early in the morning and it was definitely appreciated. Something casual and easy is the best way to go, because, yeah the day is super busy and it was hard to take the time to eat something.

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  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin member
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    If it were me (and thanks for starting this tread, because I'm going to have to consider this), I'd probably order the food early in the day, or the day before, and bring it along on the day of the wedding in a cooler. I like the idea of sandwiches, or wrapped pitas, or something like that. Then there is no question the food will be there when everyone's hungry.

    Great idea!
  • jlmarks83jlmarks83 member
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    I'm going to make chicken salad for sandwiches for me and my BMs between getting our hair done and doing our make-up and getting dressed.  I was just in my cousin's wedding a couple weeks ago and we didn't have a chance to eat anything during the day except for a bagel at 8am.  Well...once dinner was served at around 6-6:30...the entire WP was shoveling food in their mouths because we were all starving.

    Thank you for being a bride that's thinking of the WP.  I've been in two weddings...and both times they forgot that we needed time to eat.  I thought I was going to pass out at my cousin's wedding.  It was so hot and none of us were adequately fed or hydrated.
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    I built in time to have lunch, but you can always make sandwiches the night before, with maybe some fruit or something as sides. bring these in a cooler with some cokes or water or juices. and be on your merry way. cheap, not messy, healthy-ish.

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    I was thinking of this, as well. Pizza seems good! I'll be picking up some stuff from the Whole Foods deli for the afternoon snack, as well as having a little (serve yourself type) continental brunch with mimosas and coffee earlier in the day.
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  • xandbxandb member
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    You're definitely doing the smart thing by making sure no one's starving, but I'd be a little concerned about pizza as the specific choice - imagine a stray pepperoni slice or even just a drip of the grease or sauce on that pristine white dress, on any of your accessories - or on any of your bridesmaids'!

    People suggesting sandwiches, wraps, and the such may have a slightly safer idea. One fun thing that I might do if I were in your place is make a bunch of mini-sandwiches along the lines of what Victorian ladies would have with their tea. They were cut small enough that ladies could eat them without worrying about messing up makeup or outfits. Just make sure there are lots since this is essentially your dinner. And keep everything very well away from the wedding prep anyway, just in case. Good luck, and bon appetit!

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    Thanks for all your input everyone! I agree that sandwiches sound like a safer way to go... no one wants grease or pizza sauce on anything! I just want to keep it casual and relatively cheap, and not really something that I necessarily have to worry about "catering" per se since there's enough of that to worry about. Sandwiches can be just as messy as pizza though, with condiments and lettuce... I was honestly just thinking about making or buying aprons for everyone so they can just put them on over their attire and not have to worry so much about dribbling, lol!
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    I think aprons is a great idea! Could be very cute, too, if you get their name or monogram put on it, but that's not necessary. I personally will be going with Subway (no condiments), because it is fairly healthy and not heavy on the stomach. And delicious :)
  • VanessaB24VanessaB24 member
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    my mom is making/bringing empanadas. (spanish food) so the girls and i and whoever is at our house that day will have something to eat before we head out to the venue. good thinking mom....
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    What time is your wedding?Will you need lunch food or dinner food? My wedding isn't until 5:30, but we'll be getting ready around 11am for pictures, so I'm bringing in a lot of bagels, yogurt and fruit to munch on, and probably some more fruit and granola bars for the limo.
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  • graysquirrelgraysquirrel member
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    Love the finger sandwich idea! Ditto on the pizza-- it is too risky. Pitas or little foods will be much safer. Jimmy Johns makes some great trays of half sandwiches in all varieties.
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    You've had some great advice! I think as long as you limit the sauces, you'd be good to go. Some pizzas that are topped with pesto instead of pizza sauce tends to be a bit drier.
  • alewpandaalewpanda member
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    I would go with something drier than pizza....pizza can still be messy
    Also, pizza does not sit well with everyone's stomachs, the spices can get to people, and its a very heavy meal to have when nervous, stressed, or right before being actively involved with a wedding

    We're getting a sub platter or two from subway to cover lunch for our wedding party that day,

    I would also suggest fruits and veggies, small cookies, water, milk (especially with somehting acidic), and/or deli spreads or deli salads :)
  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    Ditto on the sub tray idea.  We are getting them from either Subway or Wegmans which is our grocery store.  They can be messy but we probably will just get them with no condiments for in the limo.  And we are having probably like pretzels and stuff too.  I'm thinking we will get 3 trays, one for my house for the girls, one for his grandparents for the guys, and then one for the limo between ceremony and reception.  The aprons are a cute idea but if you are on a budget I think you're better off spending it on food than an apron. 

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    We're buying a platter of sandwiches, individual bags of chips, and probably some cookies for before the wedding.  We want some food around for those who come early to take pictures.  
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    For my sister's wedding (much more elaborate and with a larger bridal party), she did soups/sandwiches before/during getting ready, but we weren't dressed yet. Their caterer also set aside plates of food for us during/after the pictures (guests were at the cocktail hour so no gap for them) so that we could have a chance to eat during the reception and it was the most thoughtful and wonderful idea! 

    Also, bring pepto just in case of food/stomach disagreements or nerves :-P
  • felkelsfelkels member
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    I love the sandwich idea!  I totally agree with no pizza but for different reasons...I am not going to want a greesy heavy meal that day my stomach will be in knots without the extra help!  a light sandwich, a little protine, a little carbs, lots of veggies...I am thinking probably snack food like veggies and dip.

    Then again my wedding is at noon with lunch being served...so I am going fresh fruit treys, an assortment of juices, maybe some muffins and bagles and cream cheese!  I think that will be my pre-wedding menu!
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