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XP: Cake + Candy Bar (kinda long)

First, did I do this right? When you post in two forums you put "XP" on it, right? It's about food and about favors. So, I'm putting it in both. Let me know if I did this wrong!

I have always thought candy bars were a really cute and fun idea, but I am one of those people who thinks having candy and cake is excessive. Especially in a situation like mine: I am having a cake large enough to serve everyone two pieces and still have left overs.

I have this cute idea, though. I could set up the candy bar, and have goody bags on the table to turn it into a "Mix-n-Match Your Own Favors" candy buffet. That way I can have the cuteness,the fun, the color theme matching addition, it takes care of party favors, and it doesn't feel like excess (because it's meant to be eaten later, not right there. Of course, guests are welcome to snack on it day-of, too.)

However, I wasn't sure how much I liked this idea. My fiance pointed out that if someone wasn't watching their kids they could engorge themselves on candy and wind up getting sick at the party. This is a good point, but we're only having two for sure kids, and two possibles. Another thing I took into consideration is that the two for sures are coming with their single father (no date,) so, he won't have any distractions.

Another thing, would adults like this? Personal like/dislike? Candy is enjoyable for kids but not always adults. The few times I see candy as favors are when they're personalized. So, I was thinking of maybe getting one type of candy personalized to place at the center of the buffet.

Any other pros/cons I didn't think of would be much appreciated!

Re: XP: Cake + Candy Bar (kinda long)

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    I think I understand this right: you're having cake and also a candy buffet as a favor?

    That's perfectly fine; tons of brides do that.  

    About the kids getting sick part, my general advice is to plan your wedding as if the kids will be supervised by their parents.  And a little (or even a lot) of candy never killed anyone.  Except maybe diabetics. But I am sure that if there is a kid with a dietary need that could get him or her sick that the parents will be paying even closer attention.

    ETA:  Yes, very good use of the XP abbreviation.  That was exactly right.
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    I'm sorry, was it confusing? I sometimes can't convey things clearly. (Just earlier I was snapped at about this.) It's always accidental and if it's really confusing let me know; I'll re-write it!

    I was worried people might not like it. Not everyone likes candy and people might not like having to pack their own favors (even if it means getting to pick and choose want candy you want and don't want.)

    The only dietary restriction I'm aware of is one child being mildly lactose intolerant. I am sure their father will watch them. If not, I'm just hoping to have an attitude of "well, his fault, not mine." I'd have to have a child throw up on the dance floor, though. D;
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    It wasn't that confusing, I just wanted to clarify that it was a both cake and candy thing and not a candy-instead-of-cake thing.  

    Guests tend to really, really like candy bars as favors. It's a good idea. 
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    Thanks for your help. : )
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    Our candy buffet was a huge hit and was completely depleted at the end of the night! Everybody loved it! The adults and the few kids we had at our wedding.

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    I think it is a great idea and Nola had sound advice on the kids. Go for it!
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    I like the idea!

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    Your buffet table was beautiful!

    Thanks for the advice, everyone. : )
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    We also had enough cake for everyone to get 2 pieces but guests still enjoyed the candy bar.  It's also a nice decor item that can double as a favor.
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    Thanks, Stephie.

    Yes, it'll be a make your own favor station, as well. : )
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    We're doing a candy buffet (as favors) and cupcakes for ours. I love that it gives our guests a variety of options. As a parent, I wouldn't leave my children unsupervised, so that shouldn't be a concern. 
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