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How does this menu sound to y'all?

We're meeting with the venue caterer soon, and after looking at prices, we've decided on this menu. What do you think?

Caesar Salad and Dinner Rolls

Main Course:
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Roast Beef

Candy Bar and Wedding Cake w/coffee and tea

It's nothing too fancy schmancy, but would you be happy with that if you came to a sit-down dinner? Our budget isn't "sky's the limit", so we're trying to find nice, but reasonably priced options.

Our Children's options are chicken fingers or mac and cheese.

Re: How does this menu sound to y'all?

  • No, that is not OK. Unless you serve filet mignon, lobster, napoleons, and truffles topping local organic spinach, your marriage will be invalid and you will be a meretrix.

    just kidding, of course

    That sounds great! I don't like fancy food, and the straight-forwardness of that menu is wonderful to me. What vegetables with the entree?
  • Thanks EJ! The guests would get green beans and potatoes. They also have a wonderful menu for my two family members with Celiac, which  makes me super happy! :)
  • Do you have any vegetarian or vegan guests?  What will they eat?  

    I really dislike caesar salad, and I don't think I'm alone in that.  Can you see if the venue can also offer the salad with an alternate dressing?

  • We don't have any vegan/vegetarian guests. We are able to ask the kitchen to make a simple tossed salad, as well.
  • I think it sounds great!  Like you said, it isn't super fancy, but nobody said it had to be.  I find a meal that is good is far more important than a meal that is fancy.  Your guests want to celebrate with you and your new husband, they can go to a restaurant if they're out for a 5 star meal.  It's more than enough to feed your guests!

    The only thing I'd say is make sure there's good sized portions, or that people can ask for seconds.



  • I'd offer a vegetarian option anyway. Otherwise that sounds nice!
  • MissiebeanMissiebean member
    edited January 2012
    I like it. :) The only thing I would suggest is that you go with a tossed salad and let guests choose their own salad dressing.
  • I like the menu. I wouldn't change a thing!
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  • Sounds delicious!

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  • Sounds great to me. I love chicken cordon bleu but I also know people who eat chicken but not ham or beef, so I'd add a vegetarian option.
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