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Which would you rather eat?

Dinner One: 
1. Potato skins - with bacon and cheese
2. BBQ meat kabobs - chicken, sausage, maybe rib
3. Tomato bisque soup w/ grilled cheese sammich garnish

+ sides

Dinner Two: 
1. Chicken alfredo pasta
2. Chicken carbonara pasta
3. Some kind of pasta w/ marinara sauce & pepperoni meat (or another kind of meat) 

+ sides

Re: Which would you rather eat?

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    I think it would depend on what kind of reception you are having. If you are having a more formal reception, I would choose dinner two. If you're having a laid back reception, not really too fancy, then dinner one would be a good option
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    dinner one is making me hungry
  • FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    Dinner 2! I LOVE pasta!

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    I picked dinner 1 because dinner 1 offers more variety: there's a soup, some proteins, a sammich and skins.  The other option is just 3 kinds of pasta. I LOVE pasta, but I don't think three pastas offers enough variety.  If you switched the third pasta option for a green salad and added some breadsticks or something my answer would probably be dinner 2. 
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    For dinner two, there would be salad w/ various dressing, as well as breadsticks and sides in addition to the pastas. :)
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    Oh, well, in that case let the official survey reflect a minus 1 for the dinner 1 and an added 1 for dinner 2 because it won't let me switch.
  • RebeccaB88RebeccaB88 member
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    I chose option 1, but neither of them is all that appetizing to me. 
  • PeavyPeavy member
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    I think option two feels more like dinner - option one feels like appetizers to me, and the foods don't seem to go together.

    For #2, you don't have anything that vegetarians can eat.  I would suggest serving the alfredo without the chicken.
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    Option 2 doesn't allow for any guests with gluten sensitivity or who are on low-carb diets.
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