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Dinner and dessert

We are having about 80 at our wedding. We both love the outdoors and good outdoor food. We are roasting a whole pig and chicken. I'm doing mostly everything myself, with the help of my maid of honor. We have the meat and don't really know where to go from there. So far macaroni salad and a corn salad. I want to feed everyone a meal and make sure they get enough. But I also don't want it to be heavy and everyone getaway lazy and doesn't want to party...any ideas? I've read a little about having cupcakes. I used to think the idea was crazy but now the more and more I think about it I love. Out colors are red and black. I'd like flavors and colors to be some what coordinating..any ideas for that also?

Re: Dinner and dessert

  • I would suggest having a green salad to lighten up the meal.  An assortment of rolls and breads could also be a nice side--cornbread, biscuits, etc.  

    What about having red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and then you could decorate the white frosting with black swirls or designs?
  • Add a handful of salads.  
    Watermelon jicama with a cilantro vinagrette
    Spinach & Srawberry in a poppy seed dressings
    Oranges-Red Onions-Romaine in a honey mustard dressing
    Three melon watermelon - cantalope - honeydew salad
    German Potato Salad 
    and a classic green salad. 

    They should work with a classic pig roast. 

  • Cupcakes are perfect..... Even Cupcake Push Pops  find them at
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  • Not sure what else you could add but I agree about the green salad.  Maybe even a veg tray, like meatless lasagna?
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