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Food and Cakes

Homey Comfort Food Dessert Suggestions

Our reception is going to be kind of relaxed, people milling around conversing, some background music, no big deal. Because of our budget and the time of day we've decided to do a table full of desserts instead of actual food but we're still trying to nail down what to have on it. What are your favorite no-fuss, Grandma always made it for me, comfort food desserts?

Re: Homey Comfort Food Dessert Suggestions

  • What time is your reception?

    Desserts I think of as "comfort food" would be things like apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake (my Grandma's was fabulous!) and honestly, chocolate chip cookies.

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  • I adore mini pecan pies that are made without corn syrup, specifically - they have an amazing nutty flavor!

    Also, I like double chocolate brownies - basically, brownies with some mini chocolate chips thrown in - topped with chocolate or mocha frosting - amazing!!!!!!!!
  • I think of apple crisp, chocolate pudding, chocolate cake, I agree on the mini pecan pies. chocolate chip cookies, mini lemon tarts.

    Anything you have that is not a cookie, tart or bar (cut brownies) you can serve in small clear plastic cups with plastic spoons, or have people serve themselves.

    You could also have a sundae station which we had at our wedding. You could have 3-4 kinds of ice cream, various liquid toppings and sprinkled toppings like crushed oreos, nuts, candy bars. We had this and I ordered small clear plastic "sundae or dessert cups" from www.smartyhadaparty.com. Our wedding was more formal and we had someone scooping the ice cream, then the guests just topped it themselves. If you had the ice cream, people could also make their own floats with soda and ice cream.

    If you, or anyone you know, has a Costco membership, they make a sheet cake that is big enough to serve 48 people for $18..........the frosting is piped in squares that total 48, with a mini frosting carrot in the middle of each square. They have other desserts as well that are reasonably priced.
  • I love the pies. We're actually doing "wedding pie" instead of wedding cake (which neither of us like) and are having a groomscake for those who just can't live through a wedding without cake. The wedding's in December so we're having a hot chocolate bar with extras to go in it like peppermint sticks and whipped cream.
    I don't know why I didn't think of chocolate chip cookies, those are perfect! Brownies for sure. I like the pudding idea.
    I'll look into Costco.
    Thanks for the suggestions!
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