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photographers in Cville

Just wondering who you ladies picked for photographers? I'm kicking around a few ideas at this point and just wanted some opinions on who people have/are worked/working with.
I'm trying to stay in a reasonable price point, any suggestions on how to bargain down on the price? Meaning, cut part of the package out-maybe less prints or no professional album.
I'm willing to pay about $3000, but that is max. I'd like to get it cheaper, but I don't want to decrease quality.

Re: photographers in Cville

  • We used Soheil Photography at Cherry Blossom Banquet Hall in Sterling. He is really great and will include an engagement shoot in your package. Definitely give him a call. http://www.soheilphotography.com; 410-808-3586
  • Our photographer is coming in from out-of-state (she's a friend of mine), so I don't have any specific suggestions for photographers.

    However, I definitely think you should try to find someone who offers tiered packages, and see if you can mix and match to get what you want at a price you can afford.  Maybe go for fewer hours of coverage, fewer prints, or fewer album pages.  Or, if you can find someone who will give you a CD and digital rights to your photos, then you can make your own albums on a photoshare website (my sister did some awesome ones on Kodak), or maybe wait and order an album later when you can afford it (like an anniversary gift).  

    I would imagine you should be able to find a pretty good package for $3000.  That's what we're paying my friend -- it's actually her normal rate, and includes her travel from Washington state.   

    Also, my venue (King Family Vineyards) has a "links" section of their webpage with a bunch of their recommended vendors.  They list about 10-12 photographers and link to their pages.  They have lots of other vendors too, might be worth checking out if you still need to find vendors!

  • Hey thanks for the heads up. I've been using the KFV vendors link for some info. Kind of annoying that their links don't work!!!
    There is one photographer that I really like, his package was at the $3000 mark, which I thought was fair. I'm just getting worried about the bottom line.
    I guess we're both using KFV for the reception site. Have you thought of table layout yet? I was considering all rounds except for a long table for the wedding party and families. I saw a picture of this done in a photographers portfolio and liked how it looked.
    Avion, are you booking a limo service for shuttle? We booked our rooms at the Holiday Inn off of 5th St. Which is a pretty straight shot from 64.
  • My Husband & I have started Photography in Roanoke & Surrounding Areas, Alot cheaper then what you are looking at there, check out our work- www.photosbyfarmer.com.

    Have a wonderful day!
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