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Makeup/Makeup Artists/DIY?

Hey girls. I'm wondering what to do about makeup. I've always done my own...Even for special occasions, but I'm going for a different look for my wedding that I know I won't be able to do myself. Thing is...I dont know if I'll like it on me, either.

Do you know any Makeup Artists who do trials?

Are you guys planning to do your own makeup or have it done for you?

Re: Makeup/Makeup Artists/DIY?

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    I haven't ever had anyone do my makeup for me either, but I thought I would go to a couple makeup counters a few months before the wedding and see what ideas they have. I don't have room in the budget for a professional, although I might have a friend do it for me so I'm not stressing over it the day of.
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    I would like for someone to do it so that I don't look like I do every other day, I want to be different.  I called Macy's and one of the make-up counters.  The lady stated that you have to make a purchase of $50 worth of cosmetics to have the ladies there do a trial.  HOWEVER, in Newport News Macy's I know there is the center make-up people (by the shoes) and I don't know if you have to pay for it to be done by one of those people.  I can't afford $50 for a freakin trial!
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    Do any of your friends do makeup? my friend was a makeup consultant so she's pretty much professional in my eyes and she knows me so i'm comfortable with that.

    also, a friend of mine went with her sister(bride) for a trial, and she watched so she could copy what the makeup person did.

    jen, if you went to mac, usually the $50 goes to whatever products you want to buy. I asked about that because honestly, the trial should be free! lol 

    go to macarthur, i had my face done by bobbi brown i think? or clinique and that was free. 

    good luck with ur search! 

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    If you're thinking about having someone do your makeup, I would highly recommend looking at airbrushed makeup. It lasts longer, is much lighter and photographs better than normal makeup.

    I got mine done at The Body Shoppe Spa in Yorktown, but I know there are several other salons that offer airbrushed makeup. Most places will offer a discount on their services if you get a trail and use them for your wedding day. I got my makeup done at noon and it still looked just as fresh at 10pm when the reception was over and I never needed a touch up. It's so light you can't even tell your wearing anything either and because of the consistency of the makeup it looks so flawless, especially in photos.
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    I just had my makeup trial yesterday at Macy's in Va Beach and LOVED it.  I was really surprised how happy I was with it (and her).  Yes, I had to buy $50 worth of product though (Mac).

    Day of is somewhat expensive- $100 for bride, $65 for others, and there were price breakdowns of what it costs for just eyes, just fake eyelash application, etc.
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    You know what...That just kills me. I was looking at a website for a professional makeup artist. She was charging $45 for makeup for "Special Events" and then a few lines down $95 for Brides.

    ARE YOU KIDDIN ME? What the heck is the extra $50 charge? Because I'm wearing a white dress?!  Whats the difference between a wedding and any other special event? My face is the same size on the day of my wedding...So it's not like you're charging me for extra time. LOL

    Gosh...I'm so bitter since paying for this wedding. E V E R Y T H I N G is more expensive when you add the words "Bridal" or "Wedding" to it.
  • nccatimnccatim member
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    i agree mmkarns, actually in one of the books i'm reading some brides booked a hotel saying they had a family reunion and then two weeks before hte event they told them it was actually a wedding. It was to snag the meals at 65 per head instead of 109 a head. quite deceiving but in a way the venue got what they deserved if they are going to upcharge like that because the "event" happens to be a wedding.

    but what i'm actually here for is to let you guys know that i called my old salon for an on location person for makeup. their package was hair, makeup and trial run was $200. a deposit for half the amount is needed to book the date. it sounds expensive but that's the whole shebang, it goes lower if you just want makeup or just want hair. G Patton is the salon that I contacted. I haven't had any special event hair done there but I used to go there all the time and love the people. i don't go there now because i live farther away and had to save up money for awhile. i think i'm going to book with them and wanted to share the info with you ladies
  • chrissyk85chrissyk85 member
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    nccatim  Where is that salon your talking about located?
  • CvilleClaireCvilleClaire member
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    Chrissy, nccatim is down in Tidewater.  She referenced the MacArthur Mall, which is in Norfolk.
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    Try ModernBridalStudio.com for Makeup and Hair. They are on Location :)
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