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Crystal Orchid florist - Roanoke?

Has anyone ever used him?  Tell me your experience! I met with him on saturday and prices and ideas seem good, but i was a little unsure of quality as he had no flowers in the shop to show me. 

Re: Crystal Orchid florist - Roanoke?

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    HI. I am using him for my wedding in April. He came highly recommended by several knotties. The lady at Baker's Bazaar in Vinton, her daughter used him and raved about his work!
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    Jim is the florist for my June wedding. Obviously, I haven't seen his work for my wedding yet, but at my first meeting with him he had all the flowers in for another bride's wedding that weekend, and they were beautiful. The bouquets that I've seen there in person and in his books are beautifully arranged. I'm going in some time in March for my centerpiece mock up, so if my opinion changes then I will be sure to let you know!
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    I'm also using Jim for my June wedding and my cousin is using him for her May wedding. So far he has been great to work with and eager to please! Don't be alarmed that he didn't have many flowers there, I went to meet with him and December and he didn't have many either and I thought the same thing. But he explained he only has bouquets when he has an upcoming weddings and events because he orders them from so many various places. I'll keep you posted once I get the bouquet for my bridal portraits in April. :)
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    Hello everyone wondering about Jim Taetz's work....I will admit that I am a bit selfish about his work. You see he used to be married to my sister. I spent the summer as a teen working with him. I will be going to Va in a couple of weeks to have him do my wedding 30 plus years later ! He has excellent taste, talent and can make a budget wedding look like you spent a million !! I can highly recommend him and will post some of my pictures as well. I was surprised to find him here on the knot. That is where I have been just looking and dreaming. Now thanks to Jim I'll be having my dream wedding in Jan 2012.  Good luck to all you brides. Also something you may not know, he runs his shoppe all by himself does several weddings each weekend and you'd think yours was the only one.! So if he doesn't have alot to show you don't be discouraged, look at his books and work with him on what your dream is....he will make it come true.
  • I met with Jim in January and found him delightful to work with. He helped me with ideas for centerpieces to be used at the church and then transported to the reception to be used there to save money on the reception flowers. I have seen his work when a friend got married last year and the flowers were stunning. He has great ideas. He also rents glassware like trumpets and 30" martini glasses to set arrangements on. And did you know that he was hired by the Roanoke Convention Center to do the arrangements for "JANE SEYMOUR" when she was here in Roanoke.

    He's the only florist that I know of in the Roanoke area that buys not only from his local wholesalers but direct from the flower farms. You can ask him to order in flowers that you are interested in and he will, he did for me as we were planing my wedding for this October.

    Sometimes the coolers look low on product, but is replenished daily. I stopped in last week and he had just goten in a shippment of gerber daisy's, lily's and roses.
    They were fresh and just absolutely beautiful.
    I highly recommend Jim

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