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I can't find an officiant!!! please help!

I've looked and looked, but I'm not having any luck finding an officiant to do my wedding in January! 

I've found two so far that seem reliable, and one wants almost $800 for the ceremony and the reception, and the other wants only $300!! The cheaper one is a little too far away for me to feel comfortable expecting them to arrive in case of bad weather (which it would be my luck to have a blizzard).  

My wedding is in Norfolk at a hotel. Does anyone know of an officiant that will do an off-site ceremony for a good price?  

Re: I can't find an officiant!!! please help!

  • Avion22Avion22 member
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    If you go to your county courthouse, they should have a list of magistrates who can perform ceremonies in your county.  

    $800 is a little steep....but think of it this way.  How much are you paying for flowers?  How much for photography?  DJ?   Your officiant is AT LEAST as important as these other professionals.  Without them you couldn't get married.  So $800 for somebody reliable who will put time and energy into personalizing your ceremony isn't all that bad a deal.   Also, you said "ceremony and reception."  What role will your officiant play in your reception?  If you only needed them for the ceremony, would it cost less?
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    I meant "rehersal", not reception :)

  • SSM&JLMSSM&JLM member
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    Go online to the court's website and look up marriage commissioners.  I know that in James City County, the maximum fee they can charge is $50.  We paid ours $50 each for the rehearsal and the ceremony.
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    My suggestion is check the VBgov.com and look for Mr. George Hale...he did my wedding, my daughters wedding and a very close friend couldn't ask for a better guy...he's outstanding and I think it cost me $75...Good Luck in your search...
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    Call the  Marriage Commissioner of Norfolk, they usually charge $75 - $150
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    Thanks Ladies... that really helped. I feel a little less lost now! 

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