Anyone Doing/Done/Been Part of Wedding/Reception on VA Tech Campus?

Hello ladies,

I've lurked here a bit, but this is my first post.  I'm wondering whether anyone still on here has been part of a wedding or reception on the VA Tech campus?  We are considering the duck pond area as a possible venue and I'm wondering what your experiences working with the staff, event planners, parking services, etc. were like?  Are the chairs/tables that other campus events can request available for weddings?  How was communication? Can they accomodate special requests?  Etc.

This concept for the wedding would be a big change from what we were previously planning/thinking about so I've got a whole new list of questions!!!

 We've also talked with the on-campus catering (Personal Touch) and would be glad for feedback on them as well.

Thank you so much for any insights you can offer!

Re: Anyone Doing/Done/Been Part of Wedding/Reception on VA Tech Campus?

  • I attended a wedding last year at the Va Tech on campus chapel. The reception was at a restaurant in Christiansburg. Can't speak to the planning aspects but it was a nice wedding.
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  • My sister (an alum) had her reception at the Inn, and it was beautiful.  Her ceremony was outdoor at Claytor Lake. I highly recommend the Inn because of its beauty, uniqueness to VA Tech, and the staff (at least the coordinator) were wonderful - can't say anything good about the bartenders.

    It was a beautiful day!  Best of luck on yours!
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  • Thank you for the feedback!  And I welcome anyone else's input.  Hoping to meet with one of their event co-ordinators soon and see what our options are.
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