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Michaels DIY...Yea Right

I'm not doing much DIY stuff for my wedding. But I figure...I could do ONE project. I wanted to have my guest placecards hanging from a birch "tree". It goes with my theme. I go to Michaels yesterday to pick up some odds and ends for my wedding...esp an aisle running and flower petals and the birch branches. Well I came out of the store with nothing. They didnt have a big selection of faux branches--Not a huge deal. But they also only had 2 aisle runners...Both had the plastic torn halfway off and looked like they had been dragged behind a car. And...The petals were $10 for a pretty small box.

Also-- Michaels only had 3 aisles of wedding stuff. And about 10 aisles of Halloween stuff.

WTF Michaels? Arent you supposed to be the DIY "Go-To" store for weddings?! Totally disappointed. Overpriced and understocked. SUCK.

Re: Michaels DIY...Yea Right

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    We used Michael's for a lot of stuff and found it really helpful. We did invitations, ceremony programs, favor boxes and bought petals. It helps if you sign up for their mailing list, then you randomly get 30% off coupons.
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    I'm doing my print stuff online, because I can do some comparison shopping. I wanted to get my aisle runner in person, though so I could see it! Perhaps I should open a wedding superstore in Virginia Beach.

    I think you must have much more patience than I do. 30 minutes in Michaels and I turn into "Bridezilla".

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    I've gotten a few things from Michaels, but I have been disappointed in their selection. I got pretty frustrated when I was trying to find ribbon and had to settle for a kind that wasn't exactly what I wanted. But I'll be getting my votive candles from there, because they're already cheaper than Walmart and I'll have a 40% off coupon for every last one of them.
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    I was wondering about votive candles. I want a LOT of candles. My florist said he was going to bring candles to hang from my centerpieces and to put on the tables but I wonder if I should bring some in case he doesnt quite see my vision.
    I read an article about micromanaging the vendors. Maybe I should just back off. The only bad thing about not having a DIY wedding is that you can't see your vision come to life. I've booked everything- but in my head, the venue is still an empty room. It's driving me crazy. I think thats why i'm getting so anxious about the small things that I AM trying to do myself...Like go to Michaels and get a GD aisle runner!
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