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Eagle Mountain Lake Venue

Does anyone know of a place on Eagle Mountain Lake that does weddings? I've been looking around a little bit, but have had no success thus far.

Thanks for your help!

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    A and M Gardens!  It's on the NW side of the lake, about 1/2 mile from the lake.  That's where were getting married in April.  You can see the lake from outside, but its not on the lake actually.  There is also The Orchard, but its not at all near the lake, I dont think.  Have you looked at any country clubs?  I know there is the fort worth country club, but its older and not sure how nice or if they do weddings.  Sorry I dont know more.  Good luck!
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    I tried A&M Gardens but they're booked on our date. The Orchard is as well.

    I don't know of any country clubs in the area but I'll try and find some.

    Thank you!
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    Not sure if you are looking for a venue to help with the wedding but if not, we use this Eagle Mountain Lake home for our weekend get-a-ways! Or use to the site to find other properties you might be interested in on the lake! :)

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