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Eloping to Virginia - Need venue idea

After having everything go wrong that can go wrong here in Wisconsin trying to plan my wedding we've decided to cut our losses and elope.  I absolutely love Virginia and we would love to have our wedding there!  I'm open to all ideas!  I've been looking into beach weddings, Assateague Island, Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens!  It would probably be just the two of us and since we'll already be losing a lot of our deposits, etc from the wedding we were planning here we don't want anything too expensive!  Thanks for your help!

Re: Eloping to Virginia - Need venue idea

  • CvilleClaireCvilleClaire member
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    Check out the Weekday Wedding Company in Charlottesville.  You can get some of the best vendors in the area for a great price if you have a smaller, weekday wedding. The venues the use are some of the most beautiful (and most expensive!) in the area.  We have great vineyards, Monticello, Montpelier, the Appalacian Trail, and lots of great shopping here!

  • lizzi97lizzi97 member
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    Are you partial to any part of VA? Williamsburg Winery is beautiful. Their rate for a whole group is pretty low, so I'm sure they would charge next to nothing for you, your FI, and officiant. Colonial Williamsburg is lovely too. William & Mary has a chapel and is near the historic sites. The Trellis, the birthplace of death by chocolate, is in between W&M and the historic sites. You could also go to Great Falls in Northern VA if you are looking for something outdoors.

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    You can also get married on Yorktown beach at no charge. I was looking into it and basically if you want a spot reserved you just have to turn in a permit which has no cost.
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    A bed and breakfast might be cute. I know we have some nice ones in Virginia Beach.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.
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    Virginia is a great option to elope especially if it will be just the two of you!  You can easily get a marriage lisence, no residency requirement you just need appropriate identification.  There is also no waiting period, so your visit can be as short or long as you can afford.  You also do not need any witnesses.  

    You could very easily (and affordably!) get married on the beach in Virginia Beach.  You do not need a permit to use the beach as long as you have few enough people (which you do) the primary thing you may want to consider there is the crowds.  You may want to look into Sandbridge (LIttle Island Park) or First Landing State Park.  Just pay parking, and don't get in the way of beach goers.  There's also lots of scenic options in the area that aren't on the beaches themselves.

    Marriage Lisences are $30 (cash only) and officiant fees are $70 at your choice of location (thats all they are legally allowed to charge.)

    Al Sokolik is great.  We ended up going to the courhouse, and getting married there, and he was the one who performed our ceremony. 

    If you want to make a whole vacation out of it, you could rent out a beach house on sandbridge and have the ceremony performed in the yard/on the beach if it's a beach front house.

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