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Silk Consignment Shop

Hi, I'm brand new here.  Have any of you girls had any dealings with Silk in Virginia Beach?  I am looking for a cost-effective and green option so consignment is appealing.  I am a size 10-12 normally and I was wondering if it would be worth my time going over there.  Is their selection limited to sample sizes or smaller sizes?  Any info would be really appreciated.  Thanks!

Re: Silk Consignment Shop

  • I lived near them when I was still in VA, but didn't stop in.  If you do want to consignment dress shop, I would recommend the 20-30 minute trip to Blush Boutique in Newport News.  I got my own dress there (a $1600 retail dress for $600) and they have a huge selection in every size, as well as lots of fun accessories, BM and MOB/MOG dresses.
  • Thanks for the information.  I didn't even know about Blush.  I will definitely check them out.
  • I went to both shops yesterday during the day since I had the day off. Blush in Newport News requires an appointment, but you can just show up at Silk in Virginia Beach. I was looking at different sizes than you are, but they both had a good selection in my size range. Silk's prices seemed higher, but the original prices of the dresses were higher, too, so you're still getting a great deal on them. It's definitely worth stopping by Silk just to see what they have, although the shop owner told me they are usually really busy on Saturdays (predictably). I didn't see anything in my size, price range, or style, so I was in and out in 10-15 minutes or so.
  • I thought about going to Silk just in case I can find exactly what I want at a price much lower than I expected.  Do you know if there are any flaws in the dresses?  I'm a little afraid to go there because in my mind I'm picturing picking up a dress that has a slight stain on it.  
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