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Small Tin Cone Shaped Flower Containers to use on Pews

Help!  I'm looking for some decrotative cone shaped (like a waffle cone) that hold flowers that we can attach to the pews at the church.  They may be called Victorian flower holders or door hangers.  I've searched everywhere on the internet with no long - anybody out there use them for a country casual style wedding that can tell me where I can get some!?  They would be tin or zinc - thanks.

Re: Small Tin Cone Shaped Flower Containers to use on Pews

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    Petal cones are usually paper, that's probably why you're having a hard time finding them.  They were originally used in a flower girl type way to shower the bride or the aisle with petals but more recently they are used to decorate aisles or chairs and usually have a ribbon or thin metal wire attached so that they can hang on the chairs or pews.  And instead of being filled with just petal they have a simple floral arrangement in them.  I did a quick search for you as well and couldn't find them in metal or tin, though I'm sure they exist somewhere.  There's so much you can do with scrapbook paper in all colors and prints and you can even emboss it or add a monogram and its super cheap, so if you can't find them in metal the traditional paper route a is a good alternative.
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    Hi there. i am looking for exactly the same thing for my daughther's December wedding. I found one metal/tin one at Hobby Lobby. It's about 8" long,about a 3"opening at the top. Seems like each store has aout 1 or 2 and will take me forever to find. Also found similar item at Hallmark. It is actually a Easter bunny door hanger and it is tin and orange in color. Don't care becasue I can spray paint. It's surprising that one cannot find these!
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