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Photography advice!!

Hey ladies! I'm in the process of finding a photographer, I have looked into some of the suggested photographers on this site. We are trying to stay in our budget in all aspects of our wedding. I don't think we'll be able to afford 2 photographers, depending on who we use. Looking for some advice or recommendations. I have one photographer who is saying that 8 hours is probably more coverage than I will need, & most brides go with 5/6 hours. Any thoughts on this? I have found a photographer I love, who will do 8 hours for less than the other potential candidate at this point. Photographer A though offers a little more in her "package" but I don't know I'm interested in some of the extras. Also, does anyone have any idea of what a decent amount of shots taken would be? Photographer A has more experience than B & is saying she will be ale to get more pics!! Soooo lost. And, on top of it all, my fiancé who didn't care initially, does care. What to dio?

Re: Photography advice!!

  • Time of coverage -- you'll have to look at your day-of timeline and see how much coverage you think you will need.  We had our photographer for about 8 hours, but probably could have done with closer to 5-6.  If you want "getting ready" shots, or you have a grand exit planned and what that photographed, then you will probably need 8 hours.  We have a few cute shots from "getting ready" but I don't know if it's worth breaking your budget or compromising on the photographer you really want in order to get these....

    Number of shots -- we got about 650 shots from 8 hours.  Most of them are really good.  I know some people who end up with over 1000 (my sister did) but a lot of them were multiples of almost the exact same shot (the photographer took a few of each shot to make sure she got it, or with slightly different exposure settings....mine was usually happy enough with the first photo that she didn't have to take more).  I wouldn't get too wrapped up in how many photos you will end up with at the end of the day.

    Other ways to keep your costs down -- Most photographers offer tiered packages that give you a lot of flexibility in how much money you spend.   One thing that I would definitely insist on is that you get a CD/DVD with all of your photos and rights to reproduce them for your personal use (not for commercial use).   If you can't afford an album right now, then you can always make one yourself later AS LONG AS YOU GET THE CD AND THE RIGHTS.  
  • I would contact Britt Croft photography. If nothing else, she is great about talking through all this stuff and I think would be a fantastic resource to answer questions for you.
  • What Part of VA are you in?
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