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I am hoping that someone here will be able to help me.  I'll try to make this short and sweet:

My fiance and I are getting married on October 26, 2013 and we are looking for a place to have our reception. Our ceremony is going to take place in Perrysburg Ohio.  We are looking for a reception hall where we can bring our own food and alcohol.  Since we are trying to pay for most of  the wedding by ourselves, we don't want to spend a lot of money on caterers (we'd rather spend the money on our honeymoon!)  Does anyone know of a place around Northwest Ohio (preferably within a half hour from Perrysburg) that we can rent for the reception and yet bring our own food and alcohol? We have about 250 on our guest list, but that number CAN change.  ANY suggestions will be appreciated more than you know! I'd love to hear any and all suggestions, even if you have a suggestion that involves using a caterer but is still relatively in a low price budget.

Thanks :)

Re: Reception Venue - Toledo/Perrysburg, Ohio

  • Graystone Hall is in Perrysburg and allows outside caterers.  If you have a caterer in mind, some of them will have suggestions of venues that they work with.  I think the Stranhan/Masonic Complex in south Toledo also allows outside catering. 
  • Millbury Fire Hall and St. George Hall on Glenwood allow you to bring your own food and drink. MFH you have to pay for the pop and bartenders. St. George Hall allows you to bring your own bartenders and pop is included in the rental.
  • We just attended a wedding at St. George's Hall on Glenwood and I think that is who we are going to go with since we can bring our own food and alcohol.
  • Just FYI, I've heard some absolute horror stories recently about Graystone Hall, including alchohol getting dumped out and the venue forcing people out early. I would avoid it.
    Yup, I'm one of those crazy, meticulous, everything-has-to-be-perfect brides.
  • Thanks so much for the tip about St. George! I need a place that lets you bring in your own bartenders and alcohol
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