Hello Ladies.My wedding is at the end of August and is being held at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. My photographer recommended that I look into finding a place indoors where we could do photo's in case of rainy weather.The only places that I even could think of out the Toledo Art Museum and a YMCA(which a few of her clients have used both spaces). Does anyone else know of anywhere that would let us do it for free? I was thinking of Manor House but I'm pretty sure that I'll have to pay for use of the indoor space for a like 30 minutes which I refuse to do.Thanks!
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    My photog suggested inside of Manhattan's. They have a small banquet room that she's done photos there. Also inside the Holiday Inn French Quarter looks cool. I'm suprised that your photo didn't have any suggestions for indoor locations. On a side note, does the Botanical Gardens charge you extra to take pics there? I know there is a fee now.
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    sspino: my photogs said so far they haven't enacted the fee, but they are considering charging photogs a membership fee to use the gardens. photogs throughout the city are ticked about either option and they've all written angry letters and made phone calls, with the hopes that neither fee will be enacted.
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    oh ok. I had heard that it already started. I could be wrong. It sucks that they would charge to take pics there.
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    I haven't heard about a fee for just taking pictures but since I'm getting married there I had to pay to use the space anyways.
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