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Hi everyone!I'm new to this board, so I'll tell a little about myself. My name's Sarah and my fiance's name is Ben. We're planning our wedding for next summer, we've been together for almost 7 yrs now and we're "high school sweethearts" :-)So our date WAS May 8, 2010. We had reserved the hall and started planning for a small wedding which we were funding completely. Our venue was allowing us to bring in our own food, decorations, etc. But my aunt and grandfather decided that they weren't happy with a small wedding and have offered to pay for the catering, photographer, and cake on the condition that we invite 200 people. I just got this news yesterday, so now I'm starting from scratch it seems. I have always loved the way Nazareth Hall looks, and it has been a dream of mine to get married there. And now that 3 major costs have been removed from our budget I think we may be able to afford it. We have an appointment to meet with a event planner there next week, but I'm feeling super stressed because all the planning I've done over the last few months is irrelevant now!I saw an earlier post about cost of clean-up, cost of chair cover rentals, etc. But could anyone provide me a more complete idea of costs to rent the reception halls, the chapel, head price for the meal, table linens....Any info you all can give me would be great! I'm just so anxious right now to get some specifics about this venue since it has really always been where I wanted to have my wedding!Thank you!!

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    My FI sister got married there a few years ago...It was a beautiful wedding, but I know it was really expensive!  I can't really help you with exact prices because I don't know...I think that there are a lot of other places to have weddings that are just as beautiful and that are less expensive, but if it has also been a dream of yours and you can afford then I say go for it!  It wasn't even a question for my FIs sister...She knew she it had to be there.
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    When I got engaged in summer '07, I looked into Nazareth Hall.  They must have had had their prices on their website then, or maybe I requested info - I can't remember.  Anyway, I found my notebook with their info in it.  Here it is.  I don't know how helpful it will be as it is 2 years old and prices surely have must have risen, but maybe it will at least give you an idea:Security deposit: $500Cadet West rental: $1500 (I didn't write down Lady Glen prices, but I imagine it is more than Cadet West)Chapel rental: $600Grotto rental: $600Dinner (per head):Buffet: $20Served: $18-22Grazing Stations: $25-50Open Bar:Top shelf: $19.45Standard: $14.75Beer, wine, pop: $12.25Soft bar: $6.50Set-up and Equipment: $5.50 per headSales tax: 6.5% of total balance.No gratuity or service charge added.Minimum sale requirement of $8,000 for Saturday weddings in Cadet West and Lady Glen.After adding up the potential cost, it was too much for us.  I believe linens, centerpieces, etc. are included in the cost per head, but don't hold me to that.  We never met with any of the staff - just got info.  Also keep in mind that it is located on a winding country road, so you may want to hire a limo/shuttle service for guests who don't want to drive after drinking, and that could add to the cost of the reception.With that in mind, I have heard that the event staff is excellent and brides feel very taken care of, so that may be more important to you than spending less money on a venue that doesn't offer as much service.  I just attended a wedding there recently, and it was very nice.Good luck, and best wishes!
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    Hi, I was married there this past February.  It was absolutely worry free and such a great time!  The staff is AMAZING!  I know things can get pricey there, but if you are open to a date change it might just work.  Since it was the off-season, all of our room rentals (chapel and lady glen) were FREE! (and it was a Saturday wedding) We paid for food, alcohol and the set-up fee which I believe was $5.50 per person.  Then you can add chair covers or special linens.  However the set-up fee does include white lines, your choice of colored napkins and centerpieces.  We just added some more DIY items to the centerpieces they provided. They are also willing to work with you on the menu.  Good luck!We spent on EVERYTHING for 200 people well less than $8000 and we added 3 appetizers. 
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    I just got married there 2 weeks ago and agree with the two previous posts...prices are accurate and I also thought it was beautiful and worry free. Kim and Kevin, the event planners are wonderful to work with!
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