Comfortable Shoes!!! A must share...

Ok ladies… have to share 2 great comfortable bridal and/or bridesmaid shoes… After trying on tons of shoes, there are 2 that I have to share w/ u… first let me say that I have verrrrryyyy sensitive feet so if I can wear these anyone can… especially all day for a wedding… now the one general style is not flip flop in any versions (to avoid the sound walking down the aisle).. there are actually several versions, which are all available in wide and you can dye them any color (pointy heel, square toe, non-square toe, square heel, flat, etc)… best part is the satin material does not rub and give blisters, etc… so you could allow your bridesmaids to pick the style they want but still look generally the same..  here is the list:   Brand - Dyeables, “lovely” style – this is medium square heel, square toe http://www.myshoeconnection.com/details.asp?mfr_id=3&stock_id=40339BD&stock_name=LOVELY&collection_id=6   Brand - Touch Ups, “Kate” style – somewhat like “lovely” above, but no square toe http://www.abridalshoe.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BW375MW   Brand - Dyeables, “love knot” style – this is higher pointy heel, square toe http://www.discountelegantshoes.com/lobydy23hein.html   Brand – Coloriffics, “knotty” style – basically same as the love knot above, may find on clearance http://e-shoebuy.com/Coloriffics-Womens-Knotty-Sandal/M/B000UWS23A.htm   Brand – Dyeables, “true love” style – this is higher heel, platform shoe http://www.discountelegantshoes.com/trlobydy31he.html     Then there is a flip flop style heel that is just as comfortable… this one has a bow that can be dyed as well… and not sure who makes but there was an option w/ clear instead of frosty I had saw somewhere too…   Brand – Touch Ups, Frosty 307 http://www.bridalshoes.com/white-wedding-shoes/touch-ups/frosty-307-1253just had to share these great finds of confort!!! good luck!!!
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