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I'm student teaching now, too!  I just started this week.  It's tiring (and I'm not even doing that much yet, lol), but fun.  Good luck when you start!  : )

Re: SarahNTyler

  • SarahNTylerSarahNTyler member
    edited December 2011
    It's sooo exciting and so much fun! Where do you go to school?  I go to UT...I have a year and a half left. I can't wait to be done.  How much longer do you have?  What grade are you student teaching?  I have 2nd graders this semester, but I had preschool ers last semester.  It's so much fun, but when I'm not student teaching I'm at UT and when I'm not at UT I'm working...UGH! LOL But it will all pay off in the end...Just hope I can find a job!
  • edited December 2011
    Yeah, I'm feeling you on hoping to find a job.  I have no clue how that's going to go.

    I'm go to Concordia University-Ann Arbor.  I'm totally done with classes (yeah!) and graduating in May when I finish student teaching.  I had preschoolers last semester, too, and I LOVED it.  I have first graders now, they're really fun, too.  I'm looking forward to teaching them full-time to see what real teaching is like.  It's kind of scary, though, too, you know?
  • SarahNTylerSarahNTyler member
    edited December 2011
    I am sooo jealous your done this may!!! I cannot wait to be done and have my own classroom!  Did you only have to student teach for the 2 semesters?!?  Man I am really jealous! LOL Oh well it will be here before I know it and then I have to start paying back all of those loans! YUCK!
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