indoor photo locations in case of rain? outdoor photo locations?

do you have any ideas on indoor photo locations that would stilll be a fun place? where are you doing your out door pictures at?

Re: indoor photo locations in case of rain? outdoor photo locations?

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    Where is your ceremony and reception location, so we can suggest places close to where you will be.

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    We havent decided forsure yet but it will be around the toledo area so anything close to there like sylvania perrysburg oregon will be great. thank you!
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    I think we are going to have our ceremony outside but not sure were yet.
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    I would select a ceremony/reception before anything else.  Are you doing pictures before of after the ceremony?  If you're doing them during a cocktail hour, I would strongly suggest choosing a location that is very close.  You don't want to choose something 20 minutes away so that you're wasting 40 minutes in the car.

    Also, if you do end up picking a ceremony location outside, you may want a more urban setting for pictures.  If you have an indoor ceremony, you may want pictures in a park.  You can also get a lot of great shots at your ceremony location.

    I think it's also important to think about smaller backdrops instead of the areas as a whole.  Look for cool staircases, brick walls, train tracks, small bridges in a park, a field with wildflowers, etc.

    With us, we were married at Pearson Park so I really wanted to include some shots in an urban setting.  We went downtown and I have no idea where we were.  However, my photographer found some awesome backdrops just by random buildings.

    You're photographer will be a great resource too.  I would just give them some input in terms of the kinds of shots you're looking for and some ideas of the kinds of back drops you want.  Let their artistic eye do the work.  After all, you're hiring them for a reason right?

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    You will find that even having 3-4 hours between the wedding and reception is not alot of time to get pictures when you add in the time it takes your WP to pack up after the ceremony, get in the limo/transportation, get to the photo locations, get in and out, and then head to the reception.  It save alot of time to coordinate your photos near your ceremony or reception to avoid traffic among other things.

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    I am just trying to get some ideas on my own as well because there are so many places I dont know where I want to do them at but I love the first picture you posted I really love that location! I am starting to feel stressed out some because there are to many choices. I have no clue where to go if it rains if we have an outdoor ceremony.
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