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OK, I probably make too many posts to this board but you have all been very helpful so far.  My newest thing is that my fiance and I are rivals when it comes to football, I love OSU and he loves Michigan.  I was in Easton mall in Columbus over the weekend and I found the perfect OSU flute glass for our toast.  However, I have been to Ann Arbor even, and I cannot find a Michigan glass that is similar.  Does anyone know any local place that could maybe do something similar etched and personalized?  Or does anyone know where I can find a Michigan champagne flute?  We already have an OSU and Michigan wine glass which I may end up just using but I LOVE this glass and wanted one of each... I am probably a dreamer.  Let me know if you can help.  Here is the link to the OSU glass:

Re: OSU vs Michigan

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    Did you try libbey glass? They have college glasses and such in 1 section. I used the rivalry in our wedding also, instead of the dollar dance we did dash for cash and the winner got their teams fight song played. Since I banned the dj from playing hang on sloopy and the osu fight song before we decided.

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