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Who'd you use for your flowers?  Did you do real or fake?  Any DIY?  Please recommend!

My MOH said she'll make my stuff, but I hear that making them ends up being just as much as going through someone. 

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Re: Flowers

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    I went with Sherry's Touch (419) 866-5045.  Her work was wonderful and also inexpensive!

    We had my bridal bouquet, 3 BM bouquets, 6 bouteneirs, 5 coursages, flower petals to line the aisle, and a rented cardbox for the reception.  The total was under $300.

    I went with all silk flowers and nobody could tell unless they actually felt the flowers in the bouquet.  I would highly recommend this route.  Less expensive, zero chance of wilting, more options of colors/style (not limited by the season) and I now have my bouquet displayed as an additional keepsake.  Something else that is nice with silk flowers is that you can request to see the bouquets a few days early to allow time for changes if there is something that you don't like.
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    Lynn from Pollynn Flowers (pollynn.com).  Great prices, and fun to work with.  She had great ideas!  I'm getting 6 BM bouquets and 1 bridal bouquet for about $250.  She's not always great about responding to e-mails, but is definitely worth meeting with.
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    I am going with Bokay Boutique.  She offers both real and silk flowers, what ever your preference.  I prefer the real flowers myself because I feel they are more elegant.  But it is all your preference.  I went with more expensive flowers, using calla lilies, and opted to have difficult but gorgeous centerpieces for the wedding and I am paying 1200, which I priced elsewhere and it was over 3000.  So it just depends on your budget for flowers but I would definitely look her up.  She has some example package prices offered on her website.  She also does chair covers, programs, menus, place cards if you opt to not do them yourself.  And if you do not want flower centerpieces, she can do other things for that too to cut costs and/or you can just have the flowers done by her.  She is wonderful and GREAT at responding.  Highly recommend Jamie.  If you go to weddingwire.com she offers a 25.00 off coupon as well.  http://www.bokayboutique.vpweb.com/
  • nyreknyrek member
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    I'm using Prescott...really nicely priced and great to work with.

    I went to Michaels and got some silk flowers to try and make my flower girls pomander.  It cost me almost $40.00 in materials and I now have a small centerpiece in my living room as opposed to a pomander. lol!

    It didn't work...started costing me more than it was worth...so we're just having Prescott do that as well. 

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
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    I went to a wedding that Jamie from Bokay Boutique did and the flowers were amazing. The bride said they were priced really well also. I think we are doing our own flowers not so much from a cost perspective but from a time for me to bond with my mom and my aunt and for them to feel involved. I wanted that to be our DIY project. Good luck
  • Think twice before using Bokay Boutique!! (owner, Jamie Venable). We went with BB upon recommendation from a friend. The owner, Jamie, was the person we worked with (It is my belief she is the solo florist at BB) Jamie and I had agreed on all of the flowers (we only used her to do our bouquets, bouts and corsages) days before the wedding in specific detail.. even exchanging photos so that there would be a clear understanding of what we wanted for our flower selections/design. What we received the day of our wedding was far from what was represented. She made my bouquet with dark pink poenies (I had specified the pale, pale pink ones). My bouquet looked like something a child would carry (color and size wise).. It was not much larger than a volleyball. For $140, i certainly expected better sizeability! My 2 attendants bouquets were brown and dying upon delivery (they primarily consisted of green hydrangeas). Last, 4 of the 6 bouts she made fell apart upon pinning them on (one was my husband to be's bout). By the time all of this happened, it was far too late to contact the owner to remedy our issues. A few days after the wedding, she made an offer of $55 of the total of nearly $400 (we requested a 50% refund) as and for compensation for the less than professional job she did on our flowers. She told us that that that was her "final offer" and that we would have to take her to court before a magistrate before she would negotiate more. No way it is worth the time, my energy, and any more of our money to get our point across. It appeared as though she had basically "given up" on our order (she had complained that she had 2 other weddings the same day as ours and that she had been up til 4am finishing up). My mother, sister and others commented at what a skimpy presentation the flowers were. She was fairly pleasant to work with in the planning phase but was an absolute nightmare to deal with when I confronted her with our complaints about her shoddy work. With all time and money that went into the planning and wedding itself, her work was the only (thank goodness) that was substandard. My husband and I are just not willing to continue to chase her anymore, or spend another single dollar, for what we feel would be fair compensation. Bad Karma, bokay boutique. Just beware... If people (myself and others) are spending time posting less than complimentary reviews that is a huge indicator! Jamie got off easy when we made the decision not to pursue a legal remedy (my husband and I are both self employed attorneys and know from experience who and what is worth pursuing and $500 isn't woth it) but one of these days she won't be so lucky.
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