can you have an early friday wedding?

I really like this one hall by me, but they are only available on Friday, and my church is only available early on Friday. My mom is concerned that it improper to have a wedding so early on a Friday when people have work. The wedding would probably be at 3pm on a Friday, is that too early?

I am only 23 and most of my friends are around the same age and do not work m-f 9-5 jobs so they will have to take the time off work no matter when I have it.

Re: can you have an early friday wedding?

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    Ok, so your friends will have to take time off regardless, what about your family?  I personally am not fond of Friday weddings regardless of the time, but I would be definitely be annoyed to have to go to a wedding that early on a weekday.  Sure, if you go this route, your closest friends and family will find a way to make it there.  However, just be prepared that some people just may not be able to make it.

    In addition, are you planning to have an early reception?  Or are you going to invite people to a 3:00 ceremony and then have a few hour gap until your reception?  Nobody appreciates gaps if they live more than 10-15 minutes from the church.

    Is this hall really only available on Fridays?  Or just around the dates you are looking for?  If that's the case, I would strongly urge you to consider another month where you can reserve a weekend day.  If it were me, and this hall IS only available on Friday... I'd keep looking.  There are plenty of nice places in a variety of price ranges.  Where were you looking?  These ladies can be great with all sorts of suggestions!
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    Not a fan... every time that someone asks a question about Friday weddings, I always tell them to have a late wedding or be prepared for a VERY low turnout at the ceremony itself.  If you're okay with people missing the ceremony and just going to the reception, then go for it, I guess.  But, if people being there at the ceremony is important to you, I'd to change something... either the day, time, or change one of the venues to make it work better.

    I don't mind Friday weddings, really.  You just need to do them later to accomodate the fact that people work on Fridays.
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    Agree with pp. It's your wedding...you can have it whenever you want.  But don't be shocked if people don't come to the ceremony.
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    Yeah, you probably won't have too many people there.  It's a hassle to go to a wedding on a Friday even if it was later.  If you had a 5pm ceremony, that would still be difficult for people to get off work, drive home, change into something appropriate, and drive to the wedding.  If you want a Friday wedding, you really need to shoot for a 6:00 PM ceremony at the earliest with reception immediately following.  And be prepared to take formal shots before the wedding, because you don't want to do it after.  Folks'll get hungry.

    My family would be pretty pissed if I did this honestly, and they'd probably feel like I was soliciting gifts by inviting them to such a wedding at such a ridiculous time.  I agree with PP's.  Look for a hall that has availability on Saturdays.

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    [QUOTE]Agree with pp. It's your wedding...you can have it whenever you want.  But don't be shocked if people don't come to the ceremony.
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    It is totally up to you if you want to have a Friday wedding, just realize not as many people will make it.  You may be disappointed by some, but glad that others can't come.  You may also end up with a lot of people a the reception, but not the wedding.
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    Thanks for everyones advice, we are now having the wedding at 5:30 on friday
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