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We had an October 9, 2010 wedding!! The weather was perfect and so was everything else.... We had such an awesome weekend! Brides to be... Enjoy it while it is going on!!! Because it's already a blur!!!

If I think of anyone else, I will post -- although I wrote a lot!! ENJOY!!
Hilton Garden Inn  A++++
I just can't share how much of a joy it was to have our wedding here... Although I live in Ohio now, I am from out of town. Most of my guests were also from out of town (525 miles away) and they just made a weekend out of our wedding!!! The fact that there was so much entertainment kept everyone busy!!! We had our ceremony & wedding at the HGI so people didn't have to travel far. It was such a perfect and convenient location for us. Jenny McCord, the Wedding/Events Coordinator was just soooo easy to work with. She was prompt and very clear with all wedding details. The package was just amazing!!! The location, decor, chair covers, centerpieces, food, accommodations, breakfast, rooms, and everything was just amazing!!! EVERYONE just loved the food at the wedding!!! We chose 3 different menu options (beef filet, stuffed chicken, and pasta) and they were all just delicious!!! I'm so sad that I didn't get a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour since we were taking pictures but I have heard that everyone enjoyed themselves!!!  The appetizers were a big hit!! They pretty much did EVERYTHING for us the day of the wedding. We set up a delivery time to drop our ceremony/reception things off and they took care of it all!!!
PHOTOGRAPHER - JEM Photography  A+++
Jennifer Daher was our photographer and I can honestly say that my friends and family repeatedly told me how professional and kind she was. She met us at the salon and started snapping pictures of us getting ready for the big day. She was so professional throughout the entire time!! I honestly did not know she was snapping pictures during the ceremony and reception! Photography was top on my list and we just couldn't be any happier that she was there to capture our day! The love that she has for her job is just amazing! We can't wait to see our pictures!!!
Officiant -- Joyce Kachenmeister -- A+++
We met with Joyce a year ago. I met her at the Toledo I Do wedding show and she was the first (and only) person I called. From the time she walked into our door, we loved her! She was so thorough and just really seemed to want us to have "our day." Over the year we kept in touch and when it came time to create a ceremony she was just so willing to preform something that fit us! I copied and pasted a ceremony from the internet and she tweeked it to make it just perfect! We had people coming up to us all night to compliment us on our ceremony. It wasn't religious and I'd say "non-traditional", although we added a blessing/prayer. It was just a beautiful ceremony!  She really knows her job!!
Ultimate Nights - DJ service  A+++
We met with Brian (owner) about a year before our wedding. He was just so into his job seemed to really know the business. Ultimate nights was so easy to work with with their online forms! The week of the wedding we had a phone interview to review the details. 15 minutes before the ceremony, I decided to change a little bit of the ceremony music so I had a bridesmaid go find the DJ, Joel, so I could talk to him. He was great and understanding! He did exactly what I requested and everything went smoothly.  On the "comments" section of the music request form I requested that the DJ, Joel, get a feel of what the crowd was enjoying -- and keep playing music like that... I wanted people to stay on the dance floor and have fun! Joel definitely kept the party going!! Very professional yet fun!!! We ended up extending the wedding and he was so cool about staying and keeping the party going!!! He had the party going -- we even had the Soul Train line going so that everyone could get their groove on!!! Although I wasn't in the reception room the entire time, Joel pretty much kept to our "MUST PLAY" list... I heard pretty much ALL of them being played!!!
CAKE -  Eston's A+++
HGI has a contract with Eston's Creations!!! Oh my gosh!!! From the tasting to the wedding... EVERYTHING was delicious.. I'm still getting emails from guests about the cake! We ordered a cake from Eston's for my Bridal Shower and people just LOVED it. We have even gotten them for 2 birthdays also!!! EXCELLENT customer service and yummy cake!!! My husband isn't even into cake but YIKES!!! He will eat an Eston's cake!!!

Save the Dates - Vistaprint.com
Free! That's all I can say... Take advantage of it!! We did post cards but bought envelopes to send them in. Free... Nothing else to say!

Invitations -- Birds & the Bees A+
I can't remember who I worked with but our invitations & response cards were beautiful!!! They gave great customer service and were very nice to work with! I did basic with a design so I thought it was very reasonable!
FLOWERS - The Flower Market on Monroe St. A+
My MIL suggested this place because her family had been going there for years (maybe decades)... So we set up an appointment and met with Mary. She was also very easy to work with and was very knowledgeable and practical about wedding flowers.  I have never bought flowers before (in bulk) but I felt like the flowers were extremely reasonable!! They were absolutely GORGEOUS!!! My bouquet is still alive and healthy!!! Approximately 8 boutonnieres, 6 bridesmaids bouquets (full of color and flowers), 5 "mom's" corsages, 1 bridal bouquet (absolutely gorgeous and MUCH bigger than what I thought it would be), 2 pots of flowers for ceremony decorations all under $475!! Mary is the one go to go!!! She was just so great!
Dress - David's Bridal A+
I have been in plenty of weddings and have always dealt with David's bridal in Delaware.  When I got to Toledo brides to be just had such horrible stores to share about David's in Toledo! I walked in, had wonderful customer service, found "the one," and have no real complaints. My dress was ordered way too big my first time, but they handled it with no issues. I worked with Patty (not the "new' Patty that just started there, but the more seasoned employee) and Nancy in alterations. Never had a problem when shopping there! I will have to say that although I never had problems, I do prefer my Patty and Nancy... I didn't really have the same feel when I worked with the others.
TUXEDOS - Men's Warehouse
Didn't hear much complaints from the guys! They all looked sharp!
Favors - Marsha's Buckeyes  A+++
We knew we wanted buckeyes for our favor and a bridesmaid found Marsha's Buckeyes!! Everyone loved them --- especially the out of town guests who had never had a buckeye before! The buckeyes came in little boxes that were perfect!! I hear we even had buckeye snatchers who took people's tables if they weren't looking.
Beauty - Dillard's, Make Up, and KD Alexanders
We went to KD Alexanders for mani/pedi. It was close to the HGI and they were able to accommodate my girls. Front desk people were very friendly. Went to Dillard's for hair and they did a wonderful job!! Was able to book 9 people at the same time and we had some very talented stylist who took care of us! Everyone's hair just looked beautiful and we were literally in and out in no time!!!
Natalie Pohorecki (she has a website) did our make up!!! She is an old (not in age) high school friend and she just kicked butt with the make up!! She came to us and came with everything! I don't wear make up so all I just wanted was to look natural!! She was just so kind and fun to me and my girls!!! I put on the "fake" eyelashes and wow... Looked great!!! I looked completely like myself and we ALL just looked beautiful!!  Prices are amazing and my girls ALL loved her!!! 

OOT gift bags: Costco and Gina's Goat Milk Soap. Stuffed bags with junk food and water. Bought really inexpensive canvas bags from cheaptotes.com (on sale) and we just had an hour of stuffing. One thing personal we put in the bags was all natural soap from Gina's Goat Milk Soap. Smells just delightful and we were able to choose shapes of soap. Just something personal to give our guests coming from OOT.

I bought little things from different websites... Some were great steals, some were typical deals...

Enjoy your planning!!!


  • abigirl9abigirl9 member
    edited December 2011
    It sounds like your wedding was amazing! We went with Jennifer from JEM and Ultimate Nights, too! I even tried to request Joel, but he was already booked. Thanks for sharing!!!
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  • rak123rak123 member
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    edited December 2011
    Wow, sounds awesome! Congrats and thanks for sharing :)
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  • MerinMerin member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks for sharing!  Sounds like everything was great!!!   I hope you'll come back to share pictures once you have them! :)
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  • mamboqueenmamboqueen member
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    It sounds like your wedding was amazing! !!!
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    Sorry about not having spaces - I copied and pasted from word so I'm not sure what happened!

    The wedding weekend was just perfect!!! We had such fun celebrating with our family and friends!!

    And BTW, the ++++ after my "grade" is not significant -- I just got carried away!!!

    Abbey, I saw your pictures on JEM blog!! LOVED THEM... Not only did we have same photographer & DJ service... But we also had the same wedding dress!!! I loved that dress!!! Want to wear again somewhere!!! lol...

  • edited December 2011
    Oh and I forgot Rehearsal Dinner. We went to Rosie's and worked with Lisa Welsch (sp?)... My friends from out of town had always heard about me talking about "hot mama bread" so I knew it would be a perfect location.  We had our own private area on the enclosed patio and the food was just wonderful!!! Everyone LOVED Toledo's/Rosie's hot mama bread and it was just a great location for everyone to meet and greet!!! Menu options were great (went from low to high with the prices) --- we went LOW of course yet still had 3 menu choices!!!
  • edited December 2011
    I think you meant me, but it was the other Abi/Abbey that responded above : )

    I'm glad you like my pics!  And, I can't wait to see yours, especially if we had the same dress and photographer! 

    That's awesome about your rehearsal being at Rosie's... I never even thought about having it there, but I LOVE their food.  Sounds like it was fun!
  • edited December 2011

    Yes, Abbey you are right!! LOVED our dress!!! Will share pics as soon as they are blogged!!

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    how did you get your std free on vistaprint, i dont really know much about that site but i didnt see anyplace to get free postcards or anything??
  • edited December 2011

    I registered on their site and started receiving emails -- emails are a little excessive (pretty much every day) BUT they give you the specials for that day... The postcards were not free every day but, they were available every couple of days! From the email you click on the product you want and they direct you to their website. I think I received 150 or 200 post cards!!  I was able to choose a design from over hundreds of designs.  I also just ordered free mailing labels -- about 250 for free. One the website on the left side they also list their free prodcuts - but they change every day I think! Hope that helps!

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