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Ceremony help... Please!

I am planning a reception at a restaurant in Dallas (Sambuca in Uptown). I originally planned to have the ceremony and reception there, but now I am having second thoughts on the ceremony.

Is it appropriate to have a ceremony at a restaurant? If so, there will be no space for an aisle, so any ideas to work around that?

If not appropriate... does anyone have any ideas on simple, inexpensive, ceremony sites close to the Dallas Uptown area?

Please I need help. Wedding date March 9, 2013

Re: Ceremony help... Please!

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    Can you not arrange the tables so that there is a semblance of an aisle?  Doesn't Sambuca have a patio area?  You could maybe set up chairs for the ceremony on the patio and then either have the reception tables set up in a nearby room or do a really quick switch where tables are brought in.

    Also, I don't think it's a huge deal if there's not a center aisle.



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    Depending on the size of your guest list, the Arboretum has some nice ceremony-only options that aren't too expensive--although beginning of March might be dicey.

    But in answer to your question, we've had a few Knotties have restaurant ceremonys, they can be lovely.  I would discuss any concerns you have with Sambuca's event planner.
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    First... Thanks for your response. Yes, Sambuca does have a patio area, but the minimum is  $500 more than the room I originally planned on booking. I am leaning towards just spending the extra cash, but not sure yet. I am on a tight budget.

    Another question I have.....
    I originally planned on purchasing a very simple dress, like a cocktail dress, (because of the venue) but I fell in love with an actual wedding dress! Is this too much for a restaurant? Will I look silly?

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    I think you thinking too much into your venue!  There is nothing wrong with a ceremony and reception at a restuarant.  Normally, they are private rooms with your own restroom and space so it's really no different then any other venue.  FWIW I am almost certain we are going to be having ours at a restuarant too :) I am going wedding dress and all! 
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    Thank you Misty. I think you are right. I need to relax!
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