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What to do the day before the wedding??

Hi ladies!!  I was just wondering what things I should be thinking about doing the day before the wedding to relieve the stress of the wedding day.  I thought of course making sure that everything is dropped off at my reception/ceremony site that will need to be there so I make sure I have it.  I also wanted to do my manicure/pedicure the day before but I am afraid of it chipping or breaking before the wedding.  Any suggestions?  Anyone know of a great place to get a manicure/pedicure near Perrysburg area?  What else should be done the day before??

Re: What to do the day before the wedding??

  • cschuma2cschuma2 member
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    I would say definitely do your manicure the day before.  Your strss will be high enough on that day, so don't add to your task list.

    Something else that you should do in the days leading up to your wedding is call all of your vendors and confirm payments, times, and the day even.
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  • aholtsbaholtsb member
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    If you are leaving for your honeymoon the day after your wedding I would also cconfirm all your honeymoon travel plans.
  • nyreknyrek member
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    We're doing our mains/pedis Thursday evening.  Friday...I'm sleeping in!!!  I'm gonna putz around in my pjs as long as possible.  Most of our family will be coming in starting Friday afternoon...so I'm sure I'll have some visitors to chat with. 

    Then we have our rehearsal at 5, dinner at 6:30, and back home to relax and take a long bath!
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    A word of warning, I was way busier than I expected to be the day before the wedding.  My husband had put off all the last minute things I had asked him to do, expecting us to do them together that day.  I explained that I didn't have time to do all his stuff plus the things I already had planned. 

    I had my mani done on Thursday.  We had Internet problems on Friday and I still had to email my mom the program text to print out.  I ended up having to go to the library to do it after spending 2 hours trying to fix the problem.  We had to pick up all the rentals and transport them to the church and hall.  I had leftover gifts to wrap.  We had to pick up snacks for the cocktail hour (my husband's job).  He had to pick up his tux.  We had to pack up the car and we barely made it to the rehearsal on time and we were arguing the whole way.  :) 

    Moral of the story, I wouldn't plan anything the day before the wedding if you can help it, because something will go wrong, or get pushed off, and you'll end up having to do it that day. 
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  • k22tk22t member
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    the only thing we did was decorate the hall and relax till the rehearsal as we had all the things done on our list 2 days before the wedding.

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  • Linds565Linds565 member
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    I agree with the other girls. Make sure all your little things are done first so you can just relax. I was in a wedding a few months ago and the bride realized she hadn't gotten the cake toppper that she wanted while we were gettting our nails done, the day before the wedding. A few of us bridesmaids went out and searched with her. When we finally found one, we were all rushing to make it home to shower and then off to the rehearsal. I would plan a day of relaxation, like getting your mani and pedis done. The last thing you want to do is be running around like a crazy person before your wedding day! My favorite nail spot is Jonathon Khoi in Maumee. They are the best in cleanliness and service in the area. Each client gets their own kit which is never used on another person. The girls there are always so friendly and will do whatever to make you happy. We had my friends day before mani/pedi party there and they were awesome. We actually brought in Champagne, but the staff provided us with chocolate dipped strawberries and a taco dip and chips and a little sign saying that it was her wedding. I have gone to just about every nail salon in the Maumee and Perrysburg area and by far, Jonathon Khoi is the best. It is where I plan on going for my wedding. They also have 6 pedi chairs so you can sit next to your girls! My second choice for a nail salon is In Perrysburg, Venetian Nail Spa. They are on the more expensive end, and depending who you get, is worth it. I have had some great experiences here and also had some not so great ones. They are located in Levis Commons on the right hand side just after Johnny Rockets. Basically, Venetian is good, just not dependable, and that's not a risk I am willing to take for my wedding day. Hope all this helps!

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