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Tell your story

So I think it was an all time posting high on giving the details of the wedding post a couple days ago....lets go for another....

Tell your engagment story (in 100 words or less!)
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Re: Tell your story

  • nyreknyrek member
    edited December 2011
    He had the ring...told everyone and their brother he had the ring. Showed it to my neighbors, my kids, my parents. We went on a family vacation to Frankenmuth in March. I was sure he was going to propose. Nope. Not on the bridge, not on the horse drawn carriage, nothing. He even told me he was going to propose...but just didn't! I was kind of ticked. 

    Then (6 weeks later) he plans "date night"  Ok...here it comes! Romantic Italian dinner...nothing. Evening cruise on the riverboat in Detroit...nothing. 

    The next morning I'm so upset (not angry...just hurt) that I just cried and told him to leave me alone. I explained you don't tell a girl you're going to propose 6 weeks ago...build it all up....and nothing! 

    He ended up taking me out to Wildwood and proposed finally at the pavillion.  Kinda sucks though, because it came across more as a "I need to do something to get out of the doghouse" proposal more than a "Oooohhh...this means so much to me" proposal.  We laugh about it now, though.
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  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    edited December 2011

    FI wasn't very smooth.  We live together, so it was kind of hard to hide it.  He got off work early one day (unbeknownst to me) drove to Denver to buy my ring, came home at the normal time and said he needed to drive to Denver early Saturday morning -- *without me*.  What the crap is in Denver? (We live an hour away). And I was leaving to go back to Ohio the next day for Christmas vacation.  So, I knew what he was up to.  I was thinking he wanted to propose before I went home for Christmas so I could show off my ring (and I was right...Haha).

    Saturday, he came home from Denver, told me to get in the car. He drove me up to this place called Horsetooth Reservoir.  Gorgeous.  Snow capped mountains in the background, a crystal clear lake that acts like a mirror and reflected the mountains.  It looked like a Bob Ross painting.

    We walked around for a bit.  Then he got down on one knee and popped the question!


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  • edited December 2011

    I knew that the proposal was coming, but had no idea when.

    I was putting grades into my computer in my classroom as my students worked on a project.  For some reason, the lights were off in my classroom (I don't remember why) someone turned them on and when I looked over to see who I saw Ken standing there in the doorway.  I knew immediately why he was there and was just overwhelmed!  He came over to my desk got on one knee and proposed in front of my class.  He had worked things out with my prinicpal over the previous week so the prinicipal, guidance counselor, & secretary were all watching from the hallway.

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  • edited December 2011
    FI kinda surprised me. We had both decided that a holiday proposal was cheesy so I was not expecting it anytime until after the new year. So the Wednesday before Christmas we opened "our" gifts from one another because we wouldn't have any other time to do so. SO I'm opening a sweater or something and then our golden retriever came out of the bedroom with a big bow on her neck. I grabbed her and laughed and Josh told me to read the note. I did I cried it was a note from our dog asking if I would marry her dad and be her real mom! I of course didn't notice the ring tied around the note and dropped it on the floor. I said yes and the holidays were wonderful and I will never think a Christmas proposal is cheesy ever again!
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    Christmas day under the mistletoe @ my parents' house!
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