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Does anyone know of a good place around town to get a spray tan where a person actually does it not an automated booth?  I looked back several pages and couldn't find a thread on this in the last six months.  Thanks!
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Re: Spray Tan

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    I always go to bahama rons and love it there.  I have never had a bad tan there.  
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    I've used tanlines and really liked it.  Salon Soto does it now too.
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    I am actually a "sprayer" at tanlines!!... i am a little biased, i will admit, since i do spray people, but i feel that our soultion is one of the best. We use an australian gold system. It has only one "color" but what i do is look at your skin tone and decide how dark/light to spray you. At first some people think that they look a little goofy, but it's only because there is a COSMETIC bronzer in the solution we use that shows me where i'm putting the spray so i don't miss a spot, it also gives the client instant color gratification!  this can look a little unnatural on fair skinned people, but rest assured, that all comes off (the cosmetic bronzer) when you shower 6-8 hours later and are left with a beautiful, natural looking"stain"! if you want more info just private message me or write another message on this post! i'd be happy to spray you!
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    I think Aloha has someone do it. But I am not 100%.
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